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Mindy Kaling Posted A Video Of Baby Anne's Little Hand Squeeze & Oh, The Cuteness

“Awww little baby hands.”

Mindy Kaling just celebrated her first Fourth of July as a mom of three, and she really did look like she managed to soak it all in. In a series of photos posted on Instagram, The Mindy Project creator shared some priceless moments from her long weekend. Perhaps the most precious of which being the simplest. Sitting with her baby girl on the beach while the little one clutched her thumb. Always the most peaceful feeling of bonding for a new mom with her baby.

Kaling welcomed her third baby, daughter Anne, back in late February, but did not share this news with her social media followers until late June. The little girl joins 3-year-old brother Spencer and 6-year-old sister Katherine “Kit,” and Kaling called her “the best birthday present I could’ve ever imagined” when she announced her presence.

Now, weeks later, Anne hung out with her family on the beach for July 4. As her brother and sister played in the water and ate red, white, and blue cupcakes, Anne had a different agenda. She just wanted to sit in her mom’s lap and grab at her thumb. And Kaling took a video of the moment to preserve for posterity.

“A sandy/salty skin/no makeup/freezing cold perfect waves/lots of sunscreen/frosting/outside for hours kind of Independence Day,” she captioned the video, and fellow moms related hard to those precious, fleeting small moments with babies.

“The little finger squeeze,” wrote one follower, while another wrote, “Awww little baby hands.”

This follower noted “It’s the videos for me. The hands are only tiny for a moment,” while one person also couldn’t get over Anne’s little hands. “The little hand squeeze - honestly that is just the cutest! Your whole day looks magical! What lucky, lucky kids!”

Motherhood really does suit Kaling, who has been raising her children as a single mom ever since welcoming daughter Katherine back in 2017. Whether she is taking Kit off to see Taylor Swift in concert to swap friendship bracelets or spending a Mother’s Day on the couch at home with her kids as she did last year, Kaling knows how to slow down and appreciate every moment with her little ones.

Especially if she has time to just sit and have a little thumb squeeze on the beach while her older kids are happily playing. Really, there’s just nothing better.