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Paris Hilton's Son Is Walking Now & He's Loving His New Freedom In A Cute New TikTok

“Baby P is free.”

Paris Hilton has hit a big new milestone with her son Phoenix. The 17-month-old has started walking, and his proud mom shared a video of him on the move now that “baby P is free.”

Hilton, who also shares 7-month-old daughter London with husband Carter Reum, shared an adorable video on TikTok of son Phoenix teetering around in a fuzzy brown bear hat. He is holding his dad’s hand in the video, and clearly doing his best to touch literally everything he can get his hands on in the room, as per the usual way of things with toddlers who have just started to walk. The busy mom was seen in the video sitting on the floor, wearing a signature hot pink dress because she is still Paris Hilton, looking on proudly as her little boy walked away with his dad.

“POV: me ever since I learned to walk,” she captioned the video on TikTok, going on to share the same special moment on Instagram with the caption, “Baby P is free and ready to #Sliv,” before calling her son a #InfiniteIcon.

Hilton’s followers were quick to offer their congratulations, writing messages like, “The baby golden goose’s!!! Oh my ovaries they’re so cute! Best mom EVER,” and “Walking teddy bear how precious,” to which the proud mom replied, “the cutest.”

“Feeling that freedom too! Keep shining!” one more commented, while another added, “He said LET ME RUUUN!!!”

It’s true that little Phoenix has become something of a social media icon in his short lifetime, thanks in no small part to his mom’s penchant for sharing his sweet moments with her followers. Like last week, when she took to TikTok with a cute video of Phoenix giggling in a swing and kicking his feet. Or snippets from their adorable mother/son dance parties in the house that prove, according to the famous clubber, that “clubitis is hereditary.”

As someone who grew up in the full gaze of the public eye, Paris Hilton appears to be threading the fine line between sharing cute moments and being fiercely protective of her children’s privacy. Like when she went after “sick people” who made cruel comments about her son’s head last October. She made it clear then that she would not put up with anyone coming after her kids. Which was why she kept her son’s arrival a secret for so long. “My life has been so public, so out there. I didn’t want my son coming into this world with any negative energy,” she told Romper last year.

Now her son is up and walking. And bringing a whole different kind of energy to her world.