Jenna Bush Hager's son Hal had some thoughts on her "big" nipples.
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Jenna Bush Hager Says Her 4-Year-Old Son Points & Laughs At Her “Big” Nipples

“Look at your big nickels!”

It’s never a good idea to ask a child for their opinion about you. You might be ready to disagree, but trust me. Just don’t go there. Also trust Jenna Bush Hager, who learned this difficult lesson after her 4-year-old son Hal made fun of her “big” nipples. And she didn’t even ask, he just offered his nipple opinion up free of charge. Ah, the honesty of children. So refreshing unless it’s turned on you.

The TODAY anchor, who shares Hal as well as 8-year-old daughter Poppy and 11-year-old daughter Mila with husband Henry Hager, opened up on the Monday segment about how little Hal comments on her nipples. “While I’m getting dressed ... Hal likes to come in there and say, ‘Look at your nickels. I like your nickels.’ Now he’s talking about something else,” she shared. “He said, ‘Look at your big nickels.’”

Bush Hager continued that her son “walks in and he makes fun of my ‘nickels,’ pointing and laughing in such and talking about their size — and then I have to get on a robe,” adding that the whole thing left her feeling “a little humiliated in my own home.”

This isn’t even the first time Bush Hager has been shamed by one of her children. Back in 2022, her daughter Mila joined her mom on the TODAY Show set and called her out for not wearing underwear. “She never wears underwear,” Mila shared on live television . “She is not wearing it right now. I saw her change!” And she didn’t stop there. “One time she was laughing in our living room and she peed her pants,” Mila continued at the time, telling her mom, “You changed your pajamas!”

Bush Hager should feel comforted that she is in good company as a celebrity parent getting mocked by her children. Kristen Bell’s daughters with husband Dax Shepard, 10-year-old Lincoln and 8-year-old Delta, nicknamed her boobs “Sloppy Joes.” And she admitted to Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast last summer that sometimes it feels like the two of them are on their daughters’ makeover show “and every morning when we walk out of our bedrooms, the judges will evaluate how good of a makeover it was.” Their decision is “never good.”

Perhaps Bush Hager and Bell need to start a mom support group to help each other heal from the insults of children. Can we all join?