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10 Of Steve Carell’s Best Quotes On Parenting

The funnyman and father of two is also a stand-up dad.

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Steve Carell might be most known for playing a hilarious boss on the hit The Office, but in real life he’s also a jokester dad to grown children, Elisabeth Anne, 21, and John, 18, who he shares with his equally comedic wife Nancy.

The most challenging part of being a dad is not succumbing to your kids' cuteness all the time. That can set a dangerous precedent.

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As a parent, all you want is for your kids to be safe but you don’t want to be over-protective and so you know that at some stage, they’re going to make their own mistakes and get hurt emotionally when all you want to do is protect them .

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You know, people say being a parent changes you [but] it’s the same. It’s like, if you were a jerk before you had kids, you’re still a jerk. If you were a nice person, you actually might be a jerk.

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You need to soak it up while you can. Especially that first year and a half of your child’s life when you’re not prepared and don’t know what to expect, and you’re catching an hour of sleep every now and then.

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I'll never forget the first audition after my daughter was born.. All I wanted to do was get home to my baby and it changed my perspective on my career and on the world, on who I was.

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My job doesn't define my kids in any way. When we go to places, it's about them and it's about us as a family. I think they're proud of me, but I'm just Dad.

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My children don’t expect to get everything and I think our greatest achievement so far is that they respect us and listen to us. I don’t see that in all of their friends.

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Ultimately, you are making your own path with your kids. And that exploration and that discovery is, I think, what’s so precious about it.

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I think it’s a mistake to make your kids believe everything will always be perfect...Things happen and people make mistakes...and you have to deal with it and it’s okay.

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The best advice to give a new parent is that there is no advice. It’s going to be different for every parent out there.

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