The Cast Of The First Lady Looks Exactly Like Their Real-Life Counterparts

When they nailed it they really nailed it.


Anthology drama The First Lady follows important moments in the lives of three presidential wives: Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama. So how did the cast do when looking like their counterparts? Let’s take a look!

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Gillian Anderson as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Anderson played longest-serving First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The actress wore prosthetic teeth, which helped her perfect Roosevelt’s unusual accent.

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Anderson felt that portraying Roosevelt was different from other roles she’d had. “You don’t treat it like any other role,” she told Hollywood Outbreak. “You take it a lot more seriously and it does feel like there’s a lot more pressure. At the end of the day you show up and do your best and then you let go.”

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Michelle Pfeiffer as First Lady Betty Ford

Pfeiffer stepped into the shoes of Betty Ford, a first lady known for being refreshingly honest about her personal struggle with addiction and cancer.

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Pfeiffer’s admiration of Ford grew as she prepared for the role: “When I got into it, I saw there was so much to Betty,” she told Variety. “It was kind of daunting because ... you want to honor them in the best way that you can.”

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Viola Davis as First Lady Michelle Obama

Given the fact that Obama is still in the public eye, Davis perhaps had the hardest job of anyone in the series.


Davis told Vanity Fair the last thing she wanted was to upset Michelle Obama: “There’s a lot of fear that I messed up. She’s an icon. I’m mostly terrified about what she will think. I gotta make the sister look good. I just hope that it lands with her.”

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Kiefer Sutherland as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Sutherland played the nation’s longest-serving president best known for the New Deal and his leadership during WWII.

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Aaron Eckhart as President Gerald Ford

Eckhart played 38th president Gerald Ford, who was sworn in after Nixon’s resignation in 1974 in the wake of the Watergate scandal.


O-T Fagbenle as President Barack Obama

As with Davis as Michelle Obama, we’re all very aware of what Barack Obama looks and sounds like, so hat’s off to Fagbenle for accepting the challenge!

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Lily Rabe as Lorena “Hick” Hickok

“Hick” was a journalist and Eleanor Roosevelt’s dearest friend. The two shared an “intimate” friendship, wrote long letters to each other, and Hickok even lived in the White House.

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Dakota Fanning as Susan Ford

Fanning plays Susan Ford, Betty and Gerald’s only daughter who served as White House hostess while her mother was hospitalized with breast cancer.


Regina Taylor as Marian Robinson

Taylor plays Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, who lived with the family in the White House.

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Story Walker & Jordyn McIntosh as Malia & Sasha Obama

OMG, remember when the Obama girls were tiny little kids (they’re 7 and 10 in this picture) and now they’re all grown up?! BRB. Sobbing.