A new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros. is coming to theaters on April 5.
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See Who Voices Who In The New Super Mario Bros. Movie In Side-By-Side Photos

Those voices sound familiar for a reason!

by Kaitlin Kimont

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Mario and Luigi are busy at work trying to fix a water main when they’re transported into a magical new world. But they lose each other! So Mario sets off on a mission to find his brother and along the way, he encounters Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and more. Here’s a look at who voices each classic Nintendo character.

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Chris Pratt as Mario

Pratt is sure to bring on the nostalgia with phrases like “let’s go!” and “wahoo!” The actor was “little taken aback by” the initial backlash to his casting as the beloved Italian plumber, but recently told The Gamer, “I’m proud to say we didn’t screw it up.”

Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach

The actress is so pumped for her role, she dressed as Peach IRL at the premiere. The love clearly runs deep.
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Charlie Day as Luigi

Day voices Mario’s brother Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie and it’s a role he said has made him a “cool dad again.”
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Jack Black as Bowser

Voicing Mario’s arch-nemesis surely scored Black some major points with his two teens. He clearly loved the role so much, he also dressed as his character for the premiere in a Bowser-inspired suit.

Keegan Michael Key as Toad

Key had a unique approach to nailing Toad’s high-pitched voice; he told IGN he imagined that he was “sucking on a helium balloon.”
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Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

Rogen, however, didn’t alter his voice at all. He told filmmakers, “I don’t do voices ... I was like, ‘If you want Donkey Kong to sound a lot like me, I’m your guy.’”
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Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong

The SNL alum voices Donkey Kong’s grandpa and as his name suggests, he’s pretty grumpy. But there are some theories that the character is actually Donkey Kong’s dad in the movie.

Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek

The voice of Bowser’s main adviser and Yoshi’s arch-nemisis has lent his voice to many other animated characters including Dr. Hibbert in The Simpsons and Jimbo in The Boss Baby.
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Khary Payton as Penguin King

The Walking Dead star voices the king of penguins who battle Bowser (with snowballs) and end up captive, like Luigi.
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Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike

While trailers haven’t teased a glimpse of Foreman Spike, the comedian is the voice behind Mario’s rival and boss. Maniscalco attended the premiere with his family and said the movie is “outstanding.”

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres in theaters on April 5. The movie based on the iconic Nintendo game won’t be available to stream right away, but some reports suggest it could land on Peacock after its theatrical release.

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