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10 Of Tom Hanks’ Best Quotes On Fatherhood

“America’s Dad” has some pretty awesome things to say about being a father of four.

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Tom Hanks is not only one of the best actors of this generation, he’s also the proud father to grown children, Colin and Elizabeth who he shares with his ex-wife, and Chet and Truman who he raised with wife and actor Rita Wilson.

You offer up that to them. I will do anything I can possibly do in order to keep you safe. That’s it. Offer that up and then just love them.

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I learned through a process of elimination. Of learning what not to do as opposed to what to do as a dad.

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It's extraordinary to me that my son would listen to and have faith in whatever wisdom I can offer.

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As a parent, you love your kids unconditionally. You support them every step of the way.

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I get along with each [of my kids] completely differently, and every relationship I have is a whole and complete one.


All that most parents hope is that their children are happy, funny, well adjusted, and have a passion for something in their lives.

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But early on when they’re little kids, you just try to just be a guy who drives the carpool and picks them up after school and is around as much as possible.

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My kids understand that they're not operating in a normal world. And yet there are principles they have to adhere to that are normal — like decency, choosing between right and wrong, and honesty.

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What I love about my kid is that he’s doing it... There’s a lot of people who sit around for the phone to ring and wait for someone to invite them to do it. And my kid has done it.

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