Tom Hanks is a man who loves his kids.
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Tom Hanks Is Obviously Everyone's Favorite Dad In These Sweet Photos With His Kids

Tom Hanks is one of those men who comes across as such a dad that a person can be forgiven for wanting to be his child. Particularly after his Oscar-nominated role playing Fred Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, when he went full-on father figure. Who wouldn't want to be his kid, right? After all, these photos of Tom Hanks with his kids showcase that he really loves being a dad just as much as his fans might have hoped.

Hanks is father to four children. He shares 42-year old son Colin with ex-wife Samantha Lewes as well as 37-year-old daughter Elizabeth. Hanks had two more children with wife Rita Wilson, 29-year-old son Chet, and 24-year-old Truman.

However, fans who watched Hanks accept the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement at the Golden Globes last month might remember that he referenced five children in his speech when he said, "A man is blessed. A man is blessed with a family sitting down front like that. A wife who is fantastic in every way, who has taught me what love is. Five kids who are braver and stronger and wiser than their old man is." Apparently, the Forrest Gump actor is such a loving, inclusive father that he counts Colin's wife, Samantha Bryant, mother to two of his grandchildren as one of his own, as People reported.

Beyond that simply wonderful fact, here's what you else you may appreciate knowing about Tom Hanks as a dad.

He's A "Cool" Dad

Last April, Hanks was such a hipster, he was virtually unrecognizable meeting Lynyrd Skynyrd with his son Chet and wife Rita Wilson. Although he is wearing dad-type shorts and shoes, he's really trying with his beard, I think.

He Wants Them To Join The Party

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When Hanks attended the Golden Globes with his entire family in January, he was clearly delighted to have them by his side. Because sure, he might be a famous actor but at the end of the day he's just a dad wishing his kids would hang out with him like everyone else.

He's Happy To Take A Back Seat In The Selfie Line

In 2016, Hanks attended the Medal of Freedom ceremony where he was one of the recipients, and three of his kids were there by his side. Well actually, Truman, Elizabeth, Colin, and his wife Rita were at his front because he was grinning from the back row of the family selfie. Like the regular dad you knew he had to be.

He Encourages Brotherly Love With His Wife

As a parent, one of the greatest things you can do for your kids is help to cultivate their bond with each other. In 2017, Rita Wilson shared a photo of Truman and Chet cuddled up together out on the water as little boys, and it's a real heart-melter.

He Helps His Kids Find Love

Tom Hanks was just 21 years old when his oldest son Colin Hanks was born, which apparently meant that Colin would sometimes join him on set. The proud dad recently shared a photo of his son with his wife, Samantha Bryant, and wrote in the caption: "These kids met in 1983 on the set of SPLASH. Fine parenting? Hanx," which meant his son was about 5 years old at the time. Interesting way to meet the person you love but it clearly stuck, right?

He Thinks It's Funny To Be Annoying

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Maybe not the best dad trait, but the look on his daughter Elizabeth's face in this photo while her dad is laughing says it all.

He Laughs At Their Jokes

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Tom Hanks obviously thought his sons Chet and Truman were being delightful when the three were at an L.A. Kings game in 2015. I'm not sure if he's giggling at something Truman said or Chet using a pillow to nap on his shoulder. Either way he's having the time of his life.

He's Willing To Share His 1,000 Yard Stare

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His son Chet had essentially the same look as he clutched his dad's Oscar at a party in 2010. Does his dad mind? Of course not. Because he's Tom Hanks, dad extraordinaire.