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10 Of Travis Barker's Best Parenting Quotes

The Blink 182 drummer is a proud dad.

I used to be crazy, wild dangerous but then I became a parent. I mean don't get me wrong being a dad is great but things start to happen to you that they don't tell you about in the parenting books.

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I love being a Dad more than anything, best thing to have ever happened in my entire life.

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I want a certain thing for my children. I just want to be in their life. I don't want nannies raising my kids.

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I’m never tired around my two kids. I owe a lot of that to running.

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I taught my son from a young age to treat girls correctly. Then I had a daughter, and I treat girls how I’d want my daughter to be treated.

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The kids' best interest is what we all have in mind — there's nothing else. Our relationship was so long ago. We're just being friends. Doing the best co-parenting is the most important thing.

Until you walk in my shoes and you're ready to hustle like I did, you can't get face tattoos.

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You are my everything. Seeing you smile every day makes me realize how beautiful my life is.

When I had my son I was like, ‘God, what did I do that you would give me something so amazing, like, I don’t deserve this,’ you know? It was just crazy, and then it changed.

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