Will Ferrell is a proud dad.
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10 Of Will Ferrell's Best Quotes On Fatherhood That Are Both Funny & Genuine

The funnyman and beloved actor is a proud dad to three sons.

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Will Ferrell doesn’t keeps his life with wife Viveca Paulin and their sons — Magnus, Mattius, and Axel — pretty private. But when he opens up about being a dad, it’s magic. Here are his best quotes on fatherhood.

We have a standing tradition that they get to pick out my Halloween costume, no matter what it is. I was a poop emoji a couple years ago.

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I think there are definitely moments where you have to just go, ‘No, you’re not. You don’t get that.’ When they say, ‘Why?’ it’s just, ‘Because I said so.’ You can’t be your child’s friend.

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Try to look your child in the eye. Get to know their name, that becomes important when you want something. And remember to feed them. That’s about all you need.

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There is usually a high volume in the house. Whether they’re having a great time or whether they’re losing their minds, they are always yelling.

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It’s like running a small correctional facility. I want to get high powered water cannons involved so I can just hose ‘em.

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Those rare moments where I lose my temper and I really become a dad, I often think, ‘Oh, if anyone was a fly on the wall, they’d be like, ‘Will Ferrell is not a funny father!’

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Boy, they make me laugh probably every single day just with the way they look at the world. As everyone who has kids knows, [kids have] a completely unique outlook about the world.

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I find myself constantly getting caught up in what I would have viewed as a child as silly, like, ‘Why are my parents crying?’ Now I’m in those shoes.

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I’m just weird dad.

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I know I’m not my kid’s best friend. Not by a long shot.

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