16 Beautiful Birthday Cakes For Kids

Like this cool cactus from Studio DIY, all these beautiful birthday cakes are looking sharp.

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Bring the fun with this polka dot birthday cake that’s dotted on the inside and out. Handmade Charlotte has all the tips and tricks for getting this just right, and while it may be labor intensive, it’s really not too hard to make at home.Handmade Charlotte
Sometimes cake pops are even more fun than a full cake. If your party guests have a tough time sitting still, they’ll love these pops from Bakerella which can be shaped to either to look like a full cake or a slice and can be eaten on-the-go.Bakerella
Whimsical and fun, Hummingbird High’s blackberry birthday cake is a showstopper. With thick purple icing layers and rainbow sprinkles on top, it has a playful vibe, and everyone at the party will want a slice.Hummingbird High
This strawberry jam cake from Almost Makes Perfect is easy to make (hooray for boxed mix) but it still makes a major impact thanks to the pretty sprinkles and pink icing. The fruity frosting is homemade and oh-so tasty, and you can find glam sprinkles on Etsy.Almost Makes Perfect
Sugar flowers make this rainbow layer cake even sweeter. It looks involved, but the flowers are actually bought from Etsy store DazzledCupcakes. Sugar & Cloth
Unicorn lovers with flip for this cake with its pastel piping and sky-high horn. If you’re not a master baker you can always opt for a unicorn cake topper, or learn how to make an easy(ish) unicorn cake here.Iliana Mestari/Moment, Getty Images
This simple cake is made of boxed mix. The fluffy cake topper adds a whimsical touch. To make the DIY pom-poms you’ll need a few simple craft supplies, (though no one will know if buy them instead).Lovely Indeed
Inspired by macrame wall hangings, this cake has a cool retro feel that will brighten up any party. The fringey look is created by using piping bags in six different colors.Paper N Stitch

When you don’t have a ton of time to decorate a cake, never underestimate the power of a DIY cake topper, especially one you can make in advance. This one uses balloons of varying sizes held together with floral wire for a whimsical look.

Lovely Indeed

You can never go wrong with a disco ball, and Trolls fans will adore this cake. It's made by buttercream cake artist, @chellbells_cakes, and the topper is from @eoxcaketoppers (though you could always use one of the 7,000 figurines in your kid’s room).@chellbells_cakes
If your child is into the Madeline books or just likes cities, then they’ll love this dramatic and beautiful cake showcasing a Parisian scene. It’s NBD if you’re not an artiste because you can print the free Paris cake decorations here.The House That Lars Built

Make a striped cake in your kid’s favorite colors by following this easy cake decorating tutorial from Studio DIY. You’ll need a cake turntable, piping bags, a frosting knife, and while optional, a bright cake stand and punny topper help this one pop.

Studio DIY

Make your child’s dream of a dump truck full of chocolate a reality, at least on their birthday cake. Cascading bits of colorful candy give this gorgeous fondant cake a fun twist fit for a construction site.@nazzybakes
A dropped ice cream cone is something to celebrate in this waffle cone ice cream cake. Finished with drippy icing, M&Ms, and sprinkles, you could turn a store-bought ice cream cake into a memorable masterpiece. Madiha Ali/Moment/Getty Images
Vehicle lovers will get a huge kick out of this cake that’s topped with an edible race car. Not sure you’re up for creating a car from scratch? The truck cake topper will turn any old cake into a construction scene.Viktoriya Dikareva/Moment/Getty Images

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