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19 Beautiful & Elaborate Gingerbread Houses

From mid-century marvels to magnificent castles, these cookie-based structures are too stunning to eat.

This gingerbread house in shades of teal by food stylist for @epicurious is a mid-century modern dream. And did I mention there's wallpaper inside every room?Joseph De Leo for Epicurious and food styling by Judy Kim
This row of gingerbread houses, finished with candy cane details, looks like it was pulled straight off a snowy London street.cuppyuppycake/Moment/Getty Images
Fit for a sugar plum fairy, this pastel gingerbread house uses unexpected colors to make a major impact.@PeggyPorschenOfficial
For the mini adventurers or clever elves, there’s this elaborate gingerbread treehouse made using pretzels, candy rocks, and Chex shingles on the roof.Sisoje/E+/Getty Images
This sweet structure swaps traditional reds and greens for snowy blues, and it's finished with gumdrop details and frosted icicles.Steven Puetzer/Photodisc/Getty Images
Elegant and understated with amazing glowing windows (made from gelatin!) this is one to remember. A miniature wreath is a simple detail that takes the design to the next level.@ottiliestoechter
You'll be transported to holiday seasons of the '50s every time you see this beautifully detailed mid-century gingerbread house, complete with a cool retro car. @hintyprint
This one is giving off some serious suburban vibes with its candy driveway, garage, and back porch all aglow in a warm, welcoming light.Rebecca Schortinghuis/Moment Open/Getty Images
Neutral and understated with a sweet pop of the green wreath, this sugar cookie home is inspired by @zoebakeds real house. The house is hollow so that a tea light can be popped inside to make the house glow. @zoebakes
Can I live here? The stately gingerbread house is offset by whimsical pink trees and a jellybean wall.Albuquerque/E+/Getty Images
There's something so homey about a classic gingerbread shape decorated to the nines. The bright candy roof is a beautiful pop of color against the cascading snow.The Picture Pantry/Ruth Black/Alloy/Getty Images
You don't have to use gingerbread for your house to make a major impact. This sugar cookie building looks playful and covered in snow.Rebecca Schortinghuis/Moment Open/Getty Images
Give a gingerbread house a steeple and it instantly becomes a church. This fondant-covered creation looks ready for Christmas Eve.Andrea Anderegg / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
You can never go wrong with a gingerbread village. I love how the delicate white piping gives these a lacey feel.Valeriia Sviridova / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
This majestic gingerbread house is delightful right down to the cookie trees and shingled roof. Bonus points for the billowing smoke coming from the chimneys.Arman Zhenikeyev/Corbis/Getty Images
This beautifully symmetrical and brightly glowing house is topped with reindeer and of course, Santa's sleigh.Morten Falch Sortland/Moment Open/Getty Images
From the sugary lattice fences, to the ice cream cone peak, the piped ivy, and the snow-covered roof, no detail goes unnoticed in this gingerbread mansion.Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Calling all miniature Santas, there's a gingerbread house whose chimney needs you. Just when you thought it couldn't get cuter, you notice the little shutters.Dag Sundberg/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Curved windows made with linzer cookies, a shredded wheat roof, and a candy-covered chimney — this house has it all.David Bishop Inc./Photodisc/Getty Images

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