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Pretty Talismans: 25 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces For New Moms Who Deserve It All

Not included: Someone to catch them as they swoon.

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Duo Diamond Necklace
White Space Jewelry
It's minimal, but the dainty, dropped diamond creates such visual interest. You can think of the larger diamond as the mother while the smaller represents a child.
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There's something so rock-and-roll about these earrings that have a single dangling letter on just one side. Colorful semi-precious stones like labradorite, aquamarine and zircons make up the soft palette. Choose whichever letter is most meaningful to you.
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Evil Eye Ring
Harwell Godfrey
The spirit of the evil eye is that it wards off negativity. This statement ring is made of 18K gold, diamonds, mother of pearls, and an amethyst. It's available in 3 different stone combinations if you prefer bold, rich colors.
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Customizing this necklace is as fun as wearing it. Choose from an assortment of metals, locket sizes, and chain styles, and fill in the glass locket with up to 15 gorgeous, delicate charms: a wishbone, flower, peace sign, evil eye, lightning bolt, and more.
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Everything jewelry designer Morgan Thomas creates under her brand Yam is made in honor of her late mother, including these unique cluster studs that are way more interesting — and meaningful — than a standard set of hoops.
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This understated pendant lets your keep your child's birthstone close to your heart. Wear it daily on its own or layered with multiple necklaces.
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This custom ring takes two constellations of your choosing — perhaps yours and your baby's, or your two children's — and puts them on a gold band. Add in two small diamonds for an additional fee.
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A simple initial charm necklace in a timeless font is a piece you'll never tire of, and something you can build on as your family grows. It's available in silver or gold.
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Mom Amulet Bracelet
Maha & Morena
The message on this beaded bracelet is abundantly clear: You're in the presence of a mom, aka greatness. The fringe adds a playful flair, but there is simplicity to it as well. It's a more casual piece, but beautiful nonetheless.
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How cool is this 14K gold sign language charm? Here, the letter F is shown, but you can find it in every letter of the alphabet. A portion of proceeds from each sale goes to the arts program at the Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens, New York.
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Instead of a hanging charm or pendant, this delicate bangle embeds a letter, number (or a combination of them) into a thin chain.
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This collection of solid 14K gold pendants takes the iconic motif of each zodiac sign and displays them on the front and back of each piece.
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You can order one or more of these colorful enamel dog tags to put together a special monogram. There are three fonts and eight colors to choose from.
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Jeweler Monica Rich Kosann is known for her timeless lockets available in an array of metals and shapes, with or without stones. Her enamel options are a fun option for those who like when their jewelry has a pop of color.
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Mix and match an assortment of simple charms like hearts, spikes, and stars, diamonds, and initial discs to create the perfect menagerie that represents you and your child, in necklace form.
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Moonstone is the stone that represents femininity. If that sentiment vibes with you, you've found your perfect piece. It's also available in grey and white moonstone options.
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You can't go wrong with simple birthstone studs that you can wear daily or reserve for special occasions. These are 14K gold, and here you see them with an emerald, the stone for babies born in May.
This chunky ID bracelet offers free engraving (8 characters or less) — that's enough to fit most names, an important date, or a sweet nickname.
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Opals, labradorite stones, and cubic zirconia stones are used to create the soft pastel palette of this beautiful initial necklace.
This diamond and gold charm holder takes the silhouette of a family crest, which feels symbolic if you're planning on hanging charms that remind you of your children from it. The charms pictured, should you want them, are sold separately.
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It's all in the name — and the beautiful design. These Aura mother of pearl and glass earrings are more eclectic than traditional pieces, but that just makes them all the more interesting.
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You really can't go wrong with a classic. Tiffany is a as timeless as it gets, and this simple heart locket is worth the investment.
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Looking for something discreet? Here's a solid gold ID bracelet that can be engraved with any name, nickname, or short phrase you choose, as long as you keep it under 11 characters.
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This zodiac necklace has the constellation of your desired sign engraved on a simple gold-plated disc. Here, tiny gemstones represent the twinkling stars in the sky that form each sign.
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