Mother's Day

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15 Beautiful Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

What to make to make Mom swoon this Sunday.

This french toast looks delightful with the ice cream, granola, and berries sprinkled on top. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an extra decadent meal. Molpapha Kamlangmuang / EyeEm, Getty Images
These orange mimosa cinnamon rolls by @grandbabycakes are a great alternative (or addition) to a mimosa bar. @Grandbabycakes, Instagram
Avocado toast is so popular because it’s delicious, filling, and perfect for brunch. Top it off with some tomatoes, salmon, or bacon for the works. Alexander Spatari, Getty Images
Pickled deviled eggs are tasty and add a fun pop of color to the table. Use this recipe from Just a Taste to make your own. Taleen Baydoun / EyeEm, Getty Images
If Mom’s a fan of overnight oats, follow @allthehealthythings’s lead by adding in some strawberry to the mix.@allthehealthythings, Instagram
It takes some skill to make eggs Benedict, and Mother’s Day is an opportune time to perfect it. She’ll be so impressed. Westend61, Getty Images
For something delicious and customizable, whip up savory frittata packed with your favorite fillings. This one has spinach, fetta cheese, and mushrooms. Brett Stevens, Getty Images
Crepes are light, fluffy, delicious, and make for a gorgeous brunch dish. Set up a bar for guests with mixed fruits, Nutella, honey, and whipped cream. istetiana, Getty Images
Stick with mom’s favorite yogurt bowl, but elevate its look by adding some pretty garnishes.istetiana, Getty Images
These beignets from @canyonlakesgolfbrew look just as delightful as they taste. Make some of your own with this recipe from Jo Cooks. @jocooks, Instagram
Quiche is always a hit, especially when it looks like a flatbread pizza. This one is made with cheese, tomatoes, and herbs, but feel free to fill them with your Mom’s favorites. Christopher Villano, Getty Images
Serve up some beautiful homemade pop tarts, like these ones from The Bakers Almanac. They’re very easy to make with some pre-made pie dough and strawberry jam. @thebakersalmanac, Instagram
Add some blueberries to your go-to pancake batter, or scatter a few on top with some icing, syrup, or honey. It’s simple, but also foolproof. Arx0nt, Getty Images
This berry breakfast “pizza” from @tstheveganfoodie is a delicious alternative to a classic parfait. The crust is made out of granola, coconut oil and syrup, and it’s topped with yogurt and mixed berries. @tstheveganfoodie, Instagram
What’s better than warm Belgium waffles? Chocolate waffles. Serve them with your go-to toppings: syrup, fresh berries, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Arx0nt, Getty Images

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