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13 Beautiful, Inviting Porches

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The sloped black ceiling and dark matte light fixtures draw the eye up in this airy covered porch with tons of appeal. The bright peach porch swing looks especially inviting offset by lush potted plants.Kinzie Riehm/Image Source, Getty Images
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A monochromatic red look is so unexpected and inviting. Match your porch furniture to your door for a seamless look that lets the plants and architecture pop.

Mismatched chairs bring vintage charm to any porch, especially on a historic home with a painted wood floor that adds to the antiqued look.Joanna McCarthy/The Image Bank, Getty Images
With its clean lines and black and white palette, this porch looks clean and crisp, plus black Adirondack chairs offer a modern twist on the traditional wood style.The Good Brigade/DigitalVision, Getty Images
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A throw blanket, a quiet porch swing, and a sea of freshly cut grass is a recipe for the perfect summer reading spot. I love how this Louisiana porch is trimmed in a beautiful coral color.

Match your porch furniture to your door, especially if it’s a sleek black against candy-colored pink siding, like this beautiful Charleston vacation rental from @bohorosa.@bohorosa
Hanging plants are a gorgeous and low-maintenance way to enter this amazing wraparound porch with a corner gazebo.Jon Lovette/Stone, Getty Images
You get the open air vibes without any of the bugs with a screened-in porch. This one has a stone floor to keep it cool.chandlerphoto/E+, Getty Images
There’s something so classically charming about porches with painted blue ceilings, a design choice that mimics the sky (and some say originally the blue ceilings were a way to ward off ghosts). David Papazian/The Image Bank, Getty Images
Sure not every porch can overlook a lush Chilean vineyard, but a wooden porch swing with a table the perfect size for a cold drink will add serenity to any space.Vostok/Moment, Getty Images
White Adirondack chairs look charming against the green and black of the house’s exterior, and the brackets on the top of the posts are cool geometric shape that looks almost like the sun or sliced oranges.Jon Lovette/Stone, Getty Images
ImagineGolf/E+, Getty Images

With its repeating cornice brackets and gorgeous light fixtures, this Victorian-style porch gets a funky update thanks to its purple trim and matching flowers.

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The only thing more lovely than a wraparound porch is one that’s framed by gorgeous red roses. The floral wreath and potted plant incorporates some of these natural elements into the porch decor.

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