Valentine's Day

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10 Beautiful Valentine's Day Brunch Recipes

Start the day on a sweet note.

Crowd-pleasing avocado toast gets an upgrade thanks to a heart-shaped fried egg. You can make the heart by cracking an egg into a heart mold. Istetiana/Moment, Getty Images
Start the morning off with a crimson berry tart topped with refreshing mint and sweet fresh cream. Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, so there's plenty of time to relax with brunch.Anna Kurzaeva/Moment, Getty Images
Heart pancakes are always a hit especially with a side of muesli, a smoothie, and coffee.Istetiana/Moment, Getty Images
If they're not much of a breakfast person, make their morning special with Cupid-approved latte art.Alexander Spatari/Moment, Getty Images
There's no better way to show them they have a pizza your heart than to start the day with a heart-shaped pie.Denis Tevekov/Tetra images, Getty Images
For the lemon-lovers comes these crepes topped with lemon cream, tea, and a side of pecans for filling protein. Don't forget the tea light candle in a heart-shaped holder.Janna Danilova /Plus, Getty Images
Elegant and festive chocolate meringue cups (find the recipe here) topped with whipped cream and berries can be served with brunch or dinner. A Beautiful Plate
Never underestimate the power of a simple meal in bed. It doesn't get much better than rich black coffee, pink macaron cookies, a soft boiled egg, plus roses and hearts.Fanette Rickert / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
A mini heart waffle maker will help you create the most adorable dish. Just top homemade waffles (here's a mochi waffle recipe) with your favorite fixings, and don't forget the coffee.Hummingbird High
Short on time but still want to make a special Valentine's Day brunch? Pour cereal into a heart-shaped bowl, and slice strawberries in half lengthwise. Dave Bond/Moment, Getty Images