8 Really Cool Beetlejuice Nail Designs

Never trust the living (or people who don’t appreciate fabulous nails).

Halloween-loving manicure mavens, gather ‘round. The following Beetlejuice nail art ideas are perfect for paying homage to the classic movie.

If you like spooky and sparkly, this set by @nailchurchpdx checks both boxes. Ask your nail artist for black and white stripes like Beetlejuice’s suit, a purple sparkly nail, and any gemstones within the green and purple color palette. If they have character decals, even better.

Speaking of sparkle, opt for a bright purple and neon green color scheme to accent your Beetlejuice nails. Nail artist @sanctuaryspatradition’s take includes a green ooze design and some scary stitches.@sanctuarysapatradition

When you think of Beetlejuice, black, white, green, and purple always come to mind. But this mani by @justthetips510 proves you can think outside the usual color palette. The iconic sandworm looks perfect over a bubblegum pink base.

While you’re thinking pink, check out this set from @nailedbykimlie. It blends pops of pink in with a more muted, emerald green and black and white imagery from the movie. Is it even Beetlejuice nail art without stripes and a sandworm appearance?

Mix brights and jewel tones with a design like this one by @thenailboss_yql. The deep purple and green glitters stand out even more when paired with black, white, and neon green. All together, it’s a unique take on Beetlejuice nail art.@thenailboss_yql

Don’t forget Lydia Deetz when planning your Beetlejuice-inspired nails. Nail artist @polishslayer painted her likeness in detail, along with Beetlejuice’s suit, and striped nails with green splatter designs.

If you like to go big with your Halloween nails, you need a 3D sandworm à la this set by @theenailwitch. The neon purple and green ombre effect is eye-popping, and the tunneling striped worm will put your mani over the top.@theenailwitch

If you love all things Beetlejuice but prefer to keep it simple on your tips, this design by @thats.handy may be the one for you. The black and white stripes are inspired by Beetlejuice’s suit, and the neon green accents are eye-catching but still subtle.

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