Katie McPherson

Katie McPherson is the associate editor of lifestyle for Romper, where she edits and reports on all things lifestyle, pregnancy, parenting, and products. She edits and oversees Romper’s Had to Share series, which highlights the holy grail products that Romper editors and contributors swear by. She pens the occasional essay, and loves diving deep into reported features about all things related to health and children’s safety.

Katie’s career began as an intern at a local health magazine, where she later served as associate editor, until taking a copywriting role within a major hospital’s marketing department. There she worked closely with OB-GYNs, midwives, and other birth providers to promote their labor and delivery services, sparking her interest in covering women’s health. She then worked at a children’s hospital, where she learned firsthand about the intricacies of health care access and how policy affects children’s safety and well-being. She joined Romper as a part-time writer in 2019 while freelancing. Her bylines have also appeared in HuffPost, VeryWell, The Daily Beast, and other regional publications in the Southeast. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Florida.

When she’s AFK, Katie is usually busy chasing her son down, reminding him that he is not Johnny Knoxville, or checking out a new local brewery with her husband. She enjoys boxing and horseback riding, and is currently reading whatever romantasy is trending on #booktok. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Katie McPherson

Water Safety

by Katie McPherson

The AAP Says Kids Should Start Swim Lessons At 1 To Minimize Drowning Risk

Learning to flip and float is a lifesaving skill.


by Katie McPherson

The Best Thing You Can Do To Prevent PPD Is Protect Your Sleep

Forget your newborn’s sleep schedule and focus on yours. Seriously.


by Katie McPherson

The Grief & The Delight Of Being No-Contact With My Dad

Today has been good. There was a promise in the words as I repeated them to myself again and again.


by Katie McPherson

15 People On The Moment They Knew It Was Time To Go No Contact With A Parent

From subtle realizations to breaking points.

If Khaleesi Can Do It...

by Katie McPherson

How 'A Court Of Thorns And Roses' Is Changing Baby Name Trends

Cassian is coming to a playground near you.

cue moaning

by Katie McPherson

Audio Erotica Apps Are Having A Moment

And you deserve to have a moment with them.

The Grannies Approve

by Katie McPherson

Bluey Nails Are A Thing & Here’s All The Inspo You Need For Your Own

It just doesn’t get any cuter.

The Future Is Here

by Katie McPherson

This Health Tracker May Be Able To Tell When You’ll Give Birth Based On Your Heart Rate

Imagine knowing your actual due date in advance.

Dads, Amirite?

by Katie McPherson

A Golf Watch, Portable Bidet, & More Father's Day Gifts Your Husband Actually Wants

He’s still pretending to use the last bottle of beard oil.

Claws Out

by Katie McPherson

The Summer Nail Trends You Won’t Be Able To Get Enough Of

More color, more nail art, more drama.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

by Katie McPherson

Finally, An App That Accurately Counts Your Steps On Stroller Walks

You can stop violently swinging your Apple Watch wrist now.

Fun in the Sun

by Katie McPherson

Can I Use Spray Sunscreen On My Kids, Or Must I Keep Packing Three SPFs?

The beach bag just needs to be lighter.


by Katie McPherson

This Mom On TikTok Is Going Viral After Visiting A Cemetery For Baby Name Ideas

Kinda genius, kinda eerie.

Water Safety

by Katie McPherson

If You’ve Ever Bought A Kids’ Life Jacket On Amazon, You Need To See This Tik Tok

Excuse me, does that say “will not protect against drowning”?

The Perfect Mani

by Katie McPherson

Bows, Bears, & More Baby Shower Nail Inspo To Fit Any Theme

From simple pink and blue looks to 3-D embellishments.

In This Economy?

by Katie McPherson

Target Is Reducing Its Prices On Thousands Of Items, Including Diapers & Wipes

Not as a sale, but like, for good.

Magical Monikers

by Katie McPherson

20 Fantasy Baby Names That Even Your Mother-In-Law Will Love

Naming your child Frodo simply won’t do.

Oh Baby

by Katie McPherson

How To Throw The Ultimate Baby Shower

It’s going to be the mother of all parties.

Unhinged Trend Alert

by Katie McPherson

This Nail Tech Turned Her Client’s Ultrasound Into Nail Art & OMG The Details

Are we doing sonogram nails now?

Like Moths To A Flame

by Katie McPherson

Lighting A Candle At Dinner Will Keep Your Kids At The Table, TikTok Says

Time to up your candle budget.