12 Cutest Chicken Coops For Your Flock


Coop, there it is.

Raising chickens is one of the most rewarding, and easy, forms of farming — you don’t even need acres of land. With the right henhouse, even urban backyards can be turned into poultry palaces. Let these cute chicken coop ideas get you started.

Want to treat your flock like poultry princesses? Glam up their home with this luxury Chateau Coop from Cutest Coops. Complete with window box flowers, walk-in access, a metal roof, and pulley system runs, they’ll be sitting pretty in here.

More of a DIY farmer? Then consider buying chicken coop building plans online. Etsy has a number of vendors who sell downloadable specs like this 8 Hen Home with details available in Metric or Imperial measurements. Etsy

On the other side of the spectrum are those future farmers of America who want to go big or go home with their poultry enterprise. For them, following downloadable plans for this mega Modern Coop is a great option. At 16 x 10 feet, it’s designed to comfortably house 9 chickens.

If a chicken coop with some architectural details is what you long for, this handmade Chicken House is ideal. Part cage, part nesting box, only minimal assembly is required. Worth it for a coop this cute.Etsy
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Forget classic white or the farm red. Get wild with your chicken coop color. Your chickens will not care. In fact, science suggests that chickens see color better than humans, bright colors in particular.

If sustainable farming is what interests you about chickens, consider a DIY A-frame coop on wheels. The Chicken Tractor not only protects birds from predators, it allows you to move them around to fresh pecking areas while they, in turn, fertilize the land.

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Limited by space? If you have a flock of just two to four chickens, you really don’t need a very large coop. Something as big as this Freddy Chicken Coop with Chicken Run will comfortably hold a quartet of birds while only taking up 14 square feet.Wayfair
Need something even smaller? Comfortably house two chicks in this mini coop using the PDF instant download files from Etsy vendor StellasCosmos to build it yourself. The 44 pages tutorial includes 13 a page builder plan and material list to make the 2x4x8 foot house. Etsy
Why limit your coop to a classic farm aesthetic? If you’re more interested in modern design, this Grey Dorchester Chicken Coop features a lovely ark-shaped run.Pets Imperial
Want your chickens to be as comfortable as your own family? Given them a full on penthouse like @brandt_acres did. This chicken coop is big enough that a whole family could enter together to collect eggs, but has plenty of protection from the elements as well.@brandt_acres
If you want to start your chicken journey ASAP, the easiest option is to buy a ready-made chicken coop. You can find classic designs, like this Producer’s Pride option, at Tractor Supply. And in the spring, you can pick up your chicks there too.Tractor Supply

One thing to consider in your coop shopping quest: clean up. The truth is, chickens are messy and you’ll need to replace the straw in their coop often. Wooden coops aren’t as easy to clean as plastic. You can wipe this Eglu Cube coop clean or even pressure wash it.