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Vaccinated? 20 Fun Date Night Ideas To Enjoy


Enjoy some stretching and deep breathing with a partner yoga class.People Images, Getty Images
Brush up on your mini-golf skills with a friendly competition. Whoever loses has to wake up with the kids in the morning. Chelsea Victoria / EyeEm, Getty Images
Put the argument of who the better driver is to rest with a few laps in go-carts. vgajic, Getty Images
Now that you can be around people again, reacquaint yourself with live music. Go big with one of your favorite headliners or grab a drink and check out a local band at a bar. Briony Campbell, Getty Images
Local restaurants really struggled over the last year, so you can use your date night to show them some support. Find one you’ve never tried before and do a mini tasting by sharing your entrees or ordering a few different appetizers. d3sign, Getty Images
If more than a year at home made you want to take more risks, then hop over to a karaoke bar (because there’s nothing more intimidating than a microphone and an audience of people). Jill Giardino, Getty Images
Lucky enough to live near a beach? Stroll down the boardwalk to do some shopping, eat a funnel cake, and maybe take a ride on the Ferris wheel. Alexander Spatari, Getty Imaes
Even if you’ve played a lot of video games over the last year, there’s still nothing that compares to a vintage machine. Go to your local arcade or arcade bar and jump back into society with a game of PAC-MAN or pinball. Om Green, Getty Images
Now that you’re vaccinated, you can feel safe going to a movie theater again to see some new releases. If you’re still not quite ready for that, consider an outdoor movie where you can bring a blanket and a picnic. svetikd, Getty Images
How long has it been since the two of you treated yourselves to something relaxing? Use your date night to unwind with a massage, facial, pedicure, or another luxurious spa treatment. PeopleImages, Getty Images
Check out a nearby winery and do a tasting before grabbing a bottle to split and enjoy at a table. If you’re not into wine, head over to a local brewery and try a flight of some of their craft beers. Jupiter Images, Getty Images
Bowling makes for a great competitive date night. Plus, most alleys have menus full of classic bar foods and beer that you probably missed during quarantine. agrobacter, Getty Images
A lot of local coffee shops and bars offer cozy places to sit and stacks of board games for you to play. It’ll be a nice break from the house, and from playing endless games of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders with your kids. Enes Evren, Getty Images
Feel like you have spent so much time sitting around that you really need to move? Try some indoor rock climbing. The two of you can spot each other and compete over who can climb the highest. John Fedele, Getty Images
If you are lucky enough to have a roller rink nearby, then put on some skates and go wild (or, as wild as you can without falling). You can even bring back some middle school vibes by holding hands and skating together during the slow songs. Cavan Images, Getty Images
Chances are high you have an art museum nearby that the two of you can check out together. Or, since most museums close early, do a little research to see if there are any gallery openings that the two of you can attend. Atlantide Phototravel, Getty Images
There are always fairs, carnivals, and festivals going on that the two of you can check out. If there isn’t anything coming up in your town, take a look at areas around you to see what events they have going on. kali9, Getty Images
While you probably enjoyed getting all of that extra time with your pet over the last year, you can now enjoy seeing other animals in person at a nearby zoo or aquarium. Consider also scheduling an animal experience while you’re there. Bartomeu Amengual, Getty Images
Instead of a dinner date, go for a dessert date. Find a local restaurant or bakery with an incredible dessert menu and dive in. You can even indulge a little more by ordering an extra dessert dish to-go and save for another night. Jessica Jung / EyeEm, Getty Images
Find a local bookstore and do some browsing. If it has some cozy nooks, purchase a book that looks good, and then settle in for some quiet reading time (a rarity when you have little kids). Catherine McQueen, Getty Images