12 Tasty Deviled Egg Recipes To Try

They’re the ultimate spring appetizer.

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Boiling and peeling a batch of eggs to create a beautiful platter of deviled eggs is a delicious labor of love. To give the classic appetizer an upgrade, try recipes with bold flavors and unique ingredients.

This deviled egg recipe from Cookie Named Desire has a tangy flavor thanks to dry barbecue seasoning and hot sauce.Cookie Named Desire

Brown Sugar Mama’s classic deviled egg recipe substitutes whole milk yogurt for mayonnaise to cut down on the amount of cholesterol in each serving.

Brown Sugar Mama

This crab rangoon deviled eggs recipe from I Am A Food Blog is the ultimate appetizer mashup that you never knew you needed. Whipped cream cheese, mayo, crab meat, green onions, and sriracha put this recipe over the top.

I Am A Food Blog

If you’re looking for a truly unique twist on the classic appetizer, this recipe for pimento cheese deviled eggs from A Cozy Kitchen is a must try. Cheddar cheese and pimento peppers create an unforgettable flavor combo.A Cozy Kitchen

To get the creamiest consistency in your deviled egg filling, this recipe from Mom on Timeout blends cream cheese with dijon mustard. Then, each egg is topped with crisp bacon pieces and chopped chives.

Mom on Timeout

Give your deviled eggs a creamy avocado twist with this recipe from Damn Delicious. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and dash of cayenne pepper for a kick, then top each egg off with crispy bacon.

Damn Delicious

The dill pickle deviled eggs recipe from Inside Bru Crew Life is perfect for anyone who wants to jazz up their appetizer selection.

Inside Bru Crew Life

A Cozy Kitchen’s pickled deviled egg recipe is anything but ordinary. The hard boiled eggs get their beautiful pink color and sour flavor from soaking pickled beet juice for a few hours.A Cozy Kitchen

A little grated cheese and some fresh herbs can really elevate a simple dish. This recipe for basil parmesan deviled eggs from Meatloaf and Melodrama is proof of that.

Meatloaf And Melodrama

If you’ve never tried a fried deviled egg before, meet your newest obsession. This recipe for creamy buffalo fried deviled eggs from Dude That Cookz shows you how to get a perfectly crispy fried breadcrumb coating on your eggs.Dude That Cookz

To give your deviled eggs an even creamier texture and a burst of bold, nutty flavor, you can add in a few spoonfuls of hummus. This recipe from Wholefully is an easy one to try.


As if the classic appetizer doesn’t already have enough protein, this recipe for spicy tuna deviled eggs from I Am A Food Blog packs it in with the addition of canned tuna. Tabasco gives the dish spice while chopped basil adds freshness.

I Am A Food Blog