Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones is a lifestyle writer at Romper, where she writes about the topics every parent wants to know more about such as breastfeeding, teething, sleep habits, body image, confidence, and more, including expert advice from pediatricians, dentists, and nutritionists. She also rounds up the best of the best kid toys, books, home decor, and other must-have items into convenient lists to make parenting life just a little easier. Ashley’s work also appears on the Houston leg of the national parenting publication Mommy Poppins where she writes reviews of the best local activities for families. She has personal essay bylines about her parenting experiences at Elite Daily, Cancer Wellness Magazine, and Juno Magazine. Ashley studied journalism at Kilgore College and the University of Houston where she won numerous awards for collegiate newspaper reporting and feature writing. As a mom and stepmom to four kids ages 5 to 13, Ashley is writing about parenting while doing all of the parenting things. She’s in the mom-trenches daily down in Texas where she can barely squeeze in a few minutes to herself each day to enjoy noshing on chips and queso or watch the Astros play baseball. You can connect with Ashley on Twitter at @AshleyA_Jones, where she’s still trying to learn exactly how to Tweet, but loves laughing at everyone else’s quippy punchlines.