Independence Day

15 Make-Ahead Fourth of July Appetizers To Enjoy With Fireworks

Star-spangled snacks to celebrate with.

When you’re hosting a holiday get-together, nailing the appetizer table with an array of snacks that will wow your guests and keep everyone happily munching is a must. This is especially true for a holiday like the Fourth of July where everyone tends to graze until long after the fireworks start popping. With these make-ahead Fourth of July appetizers, you can get a lot of prep work out of the way in the days leading up, and you get to enjoy your celebration stress-free.

What’s more, if you’re heading to a potluck or want to bring a dish with you to an Independence Day get-together with friends and family, these easy-to-prep apps ensure you can enjoy the festivities without being stuck in the kitchen all day long or having to rush and get ready before heading out the door. From classic crowd-pleasers like deviled eggs with a summer twist to innovative options like a red, white, and blue charcuterie board or refreshing watermelon salad, these appetizers are as delicious as they are festive.

If you want to impress everyone with your culinary skills, but don’t want to get bogged down with prep work on the day of, these recipes are the ones to reach for. So, without further adieu, here’s a whole list of patriotic appetizers that will kick off your Fourth of July festivities in the most delicious way possible.


Blueberry Corn Salsa

Festive and refreshing, this blueberry corn salsa from Averie Cooks is served chilled, so it’s perfect for making ahead of summertime events. This colorful salsa is on-theme and bursting with fresh summer produce including corn, blueberries, strawberries, and avocados. Serve it alongside tortilla chips or in single-serving cups with spoons.


BBQ Snack Mix

Whether you put it all in a bowl with a big scoop or dish it out in little single-serving cups, this BBQ snack mix from Half-Baked Harvest is such a tasty choice for a make-ahead Fourth of July appetizer. Deliciously seasoned, buttery, and baked to golden perfection, this app is pretty much guaranteed to go quick.


Summer Fruit Salad

A drizzle of fresh citrus juice and honey combined with fresh mint and basil makes this summer fruit salad from Simply Scratch a refreshing choice for a make-ahead Fourth of July appetizer. Plus, with so many gorgeous fruits in season like peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, this recipe is a fantastic way to add some fresh produce to your appetizer spread.


Fourth Of July Charcuterie

This Fourth of July charcuterie setup from Family Fresh Meals is just picture-perfect for the holiday. If you’re in the mood to serve up something star-spangled, you can assemble this ahead of your gathering and just cover it with cling wrap to keep refrigerated until your guests arrive.


Red, White, & Blue Quinoa Fruit Salad

Not only does this red, white, and blue quinoa fruit salad from Well Plated include the holiday’s color trifecta, but it’s also a light and fresh dish to serve as a starter before a heavier meal like barbecue or burgers is served.


Cowboy Caviar

If you’ve never had cowboy caviar before, allow me to introduce you to this drool-worthy recipe from Love And Lemons. Chock-full of seasonal goodies like fresh diced tomatoes, sweet corn cut off the cob, and chunks of avocado, it’s something like a cross between a salsa and a salad that’s ideal for eating with tortilla chips by the pool on Fourth of July.


Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs

A summery twist on traditional deviled eggs, these Mexican street corn deviled eggs from Averie Cooks are ideal for snacking on ahead of your Fourth of July barbecue meal. You can make them up to a day in advance and keep them in the fridge until it’s time to eat.


Red, White, & Blue Watermelon Salad

Does it get more patriotic than a red, whit, and blue fruit salad as a make-ahead Fourth of July appetizer? This watermelon salad from Foodie Crush takes full advantage of summer flavors with fresh mint, crunchy jicama, and ripe blueberries.


Charcuterie Cups

For an appetizer that is as pretty as it is customizable, these charcuterie cups from Family Fresh meals are a crowd-pleasing pick. You can absolutely assemble them ahead of your Fourth of July gathering and just pop them in the fridge until you’re ready for everyone to start eating.


Grilled Pesto Chicken Skewers

Looking for an appetizer that’s equal parts filling and portable? Look no further than these grilled pesto chicken skewers from Well Plated. Make them ahead of time and then pile them on a platter alongside some marinated mozzarella for crowd-pleasing Caprese-style app.


Marinated Mozzarella Melon Skewers

The thing about summer get-togethers is that you usually want to eat something cool and refreshing, particularly if you’re gathering outside by the pool for the Fourth of July. These marinated mozzarella melon skewers from Half Baked Harvest aren’t only a great use of seasonal melon, but they soak up the herb-infused marinade when you make them ahead of time so they’re extra yummy.


Summer Rolls

You may have had spring rolls before, but have you ever enjoyed summer rolls? This recipe from Love And Lemons features fresh summer produce like cucumber, peaches, avocados, and watermelon radishes, as well as fresh basil. Because they’re served chilled, they’re perfect for making ahead of a Fourth of July gathering.


Creamy Greek Feta Dip

Every Fourth of July party needs a good dip on the appetizer table. From Damn Delicious, this creamy greek feta dip has fresh dill, chopped cucumbers, and diced tomatoes, so you can likely make it with ingredients from your very own summer garden. (Or the grocery store — you do you!)


Pineapple Salsa

If you have a lot of cilantro in your summer herb garden and want to put it to good use for July Fourth, this pineapple salsa from Averie Cooks is the way to go. The zesty salsa is made with fresh summer produce like pineapple, tomato, and red onion, tossed in fresh lime juice.


Mexican Tortilla Pinwheels

When it comes to make-ahead appetizers, it’s hard to beat a pinwheel. Peppers, onions, cilantro, salsa, and cheese come together in a creamy filling to make these tasty Mexican tortilla pinwheels from A Pretty Life In The Suburbs. They’re a super fresh and will make a crowd-pleasing addition to your Fourth of July spread.

With these make-ahead Fourth of July appetizers, you can impress your guests and make this Independence Day celebration one to remember!