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22 Dreamy Baby Boy Names

All the swoon-worthy ethereal vibes.

Having my first baby boy was an absolute dream come true. Welcoming a new life into the world is such an awe-inspiring thing, so it makes sense to consider names that capture a similar essence of wonder and divine inspiration. From their soft, romantic sounds to their enchanting meanings, these dreamy baby boy names are perfect for your own little dreamer. They’re the kind of names that make your heart flutter when you hear them spoken — names that make you swoon.

To me, the word “dreamy” evokes a sense of aspiration, but it also gives off serene and even elegant vibes. Words and names that are drawn from nature often have this same feeling of peace, so there are plenty of those here. Think names that sound like a gentle breeze or make you think of twinkling stars in the night sky. Speaking of the sky, many of these names have celestial connections or are inspired by the mystical appeal of the dreams you have when you’re asleep.

Whether you prefer names with vintage charm or those with an elegant nod to the cosmos, these dreamy baby boy names are sure to spark inspiration as you seek to find the perfect moniker for your little one to carry with him toward his bright future.



Of Greek origin, Arien means simply “a dreamy person.” So, it’s perfect for this list, right? If you’re looking for a dreamy and ethereal baby boy name, this should go at the tip top of your list.



Dreaminess implies an angelic quality, so Gabriel is quite fitting. The name of the biblical Archangel, this Hebrew name means “man of God.”



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Not only does this unique boy name sound dreamy, but it also has Old English origins and means “a dreamer.” With this name, you can sit back and watch your little Grantley reach for the stars.



Lourdes is a dreamy baby name that has an elegant, ethereal quality. It’s a unisex name that is derived from the Greek word for laurel (a type of plant), but also has ties to a French town known for miraculous healings. It also just sounds soft and romantic.



If you’re looking for a name with main character energy that’s equal parts dramatic and dreamy, look no further than Romeo. Yep, like that Romeo. Shakespeare and dreamy romance go hand-in-hand, folks.



Capturing the beauty and majesty of the Caspian Sea, this dreamy baby boy name is a unique choice that also alludes to being a dreamy adventurer. It even sounds like a soft, rolling wave.



As in, Mr. Darcy, because though he is a dreamy character, Fitzwilliam doesn’t sound very soft and flowy. This baby boy name just exudes timeless elegance and literary charm in such a cottagecore way.



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The God of dreams in Greek mythology, Morpheus isn’t exactly a common name (unless you’re a movie character), but it certainly has a dreamy connection. It’s also got a strong, mythical sound about it, making it a solid choice for your baby boy.



Alistair is the name of the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, and it’s a dreamy choice for your little star. Of Arabic origin, it combines a regal, timeless quality with a soft, melodic sound that’s quite the charming choice for a little boy.



Angelo means “messenger of God,” so not only does it sound angelic, but it makes me think of little cherubic angels flying through the clouds. It doesn’t get much dreamier than that.



Greek mythology just has some really dreamy boy names, OK? Drawn from the mythology of the Greek messenger god, the name Hermes symbolizes eloquence, swiftness, and intelligence.



Although it might have some negative connotations if you’re a Star Wars fan, the name Kylo means “sky,” so there’s definitely a dreamy connection there. Plus, the y-l-o combination sounds so soft and soothing.



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This Latin baby name of Leo means “lion,” but it’s the name’s connection to the Zodiac as the star sign for people born in late July through August that makes it super dreamy. Even if your baby boy isn’t born under the Leo sign, it’s still a fabulous choice.



Between the mythological connection to the kind of phoenix that rises from its own ashes to the constellation named after the same immortal creature, Phoenix as a baby boy name is decidedly dreamy.



The Nordic name Oslo is derived from the Norse word “os” which means “river mouth” or “estuary.” This nature connection, along with the pronunciation of both a beginning and ending “o” sound, makes it a particularly flowy and dreamy choice.



Shiloh means “tranquil” in Hebrew, which alludes to a certain air of dreaminess all on its own. Above and beyond the meaning, it’s got a very romantic sound.



Meaning “full of goodness,” Declan is a baby boy name of Irish origin. It’s got a noble sound that also gives me lots of cottagecore vibes. A baby named Declan will no doubt be clothed in the dreamiest and most dapper outfits — it just makes sense.



Not only is this baby boy name a nod to a trio of famous musical brothers — who are pretty dreamy, might I add — Jonas means “dove” in Hebrew. So, the name’s meaning gives the imagery of flight and has a particular lightness about it.



The name Luca is on this list because of how it sounds more than anything. Just say it out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound dreamy. Luca — just plain sweet.



Of Latin origin, Bennett means “blessed,” which makes it a really dreamy name choice for your little bundle of joy. If you’re looking for a proper sounding name that’s also got lots of elegant appeal, consider Bennett.



How romantic is the name Lorenzo? It’s a form of the name Laurence with Spanish roots, which is why it just rolls right off your tongue. Having a little Lorenzo in your family is the stuff of dreams.



Like Scarlett O’Hara’s beau in Gone with the Wind, the name Rhett is somehow strong and soft at the same time. This Dutch name is perfectly dreamy and a sweet choice for your baby boy.

No matter which name you choose for your little dream come true, it’s sure to give them the spark they need to reach their own dreams one day. If you need some inspiration, this list of dreamy baby boy names is filled with plenty of ethereal options.