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A mother kissing the forehead of her baby with a soft and gentle word name.
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Word Names For Babies That Sound Soft & Gentle

These soothing words double as sweet baby names.

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow named her baby Apple and literally everyone had something to say about it? Well, two decades later, I honestly think she was onto something. Not only is the name Apple totally unique, but it’s also completely innocuous (I mean, how can anyone say something bad about such a generic fruit, you know?) and just sounds super pleasing and gentle. If you want a baby name with a similar vibe, the soft and gentle word names for babies on this list may be exactly the kind of name you’re looking for.

For as hard as it is to come up with a baby name, it’s sometimes even harder to ignore inspiration when it comes from an unexpected place. If you have a gut feeling that you need to name your baby after a word you heard, for example, should you ignore it? Absolutely not. It’s your baby, and you can name your baby anything you want — even if your Great Aunt Jenny thinks Herb is something that belongs in your spice cabinet and not on your baby’s birth certificate.

While there are honestly some really great word names here that aren’t even a stretch in the naming department, there are also some that are truly unique. Whether you lean more toward traditional picks like Ivy or Rose or go off the beaten path with a name like Breeze or Haven, there are a lot of word-based monikers to pick from that have a mellow, tender, and peaceful quality about them.



Simply put, haven means “place of safety,” “harbor, port,” or “refuge.” With Haven as their name, your baby can feel grounded, rooted, and securely attached. Plus, this gentle sounding word name works for both boys and girls alike.



A cove is a sheltered body of water — an oasis, if you will. Cute, short, and to-the-point, Cove can be an adorable baby name choice with a distinctly natural feel.



For some reason, this baby name gives me old Hollywood glamour vibes moreso than reminding me of a baby deer, but it really just sounds so lovely. People will definitely fawn all over your little one when they’re born, but even more so if you choose this soft and gentle word name.



Beautiful and floral-inspired, Rose is not only a soft and gentle word name but a timeless and elegant choice for a baby girl. It also works well with a variety of traditional and unique middle names, adding to its versatility.



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Inspired by music? Look to the word name Ballad to give your little one a moniker that really sings.



This delightful word name is soft and gentle but also has a lightheartedness about it. Whimsy is descriptive and unique as a baby name and may even help lead your little one to have a fun-filled life.



Yes, you can absolutely name your baby after a season. Spring is a sweet choice, but so is Summer, Winter, and even Fall if you really want to go for it with a seasonal name. They’re all soft-sounding and nature-inspired to give you plenty of gentle vibes.



Ivy isn’t so unusual that people will wonder why you picked a random word to be your child’s name, but it’s also not so common that your baby will wind up in a kindergarten class with five other girls named Ivy. This short and sweet plant-inspired name strikes just the right gentle balance.



The baby name Sage has a real air of wisdom about it. As far as word names go, it refers to the aromatic spice you probably use most often in breakfast sausage, so it’s got a real cozy, homey quality as well.



For a name that’s as soft and gentle as it is shiny and bright, Pearl is a lovely choice. Not only is this word name of the lustrous gem found inside of a clam, but it’s also a solid old-fashioned baby name if you’re looking for something that’s timeless and elegant.



More than just a color that gets its name from the tropical plant from which indigo dye was originally made, Indigo makes an adorable baby name. The sound of this word is nearly as soft and supple as the color itself.



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Does it get more gentle than the baby name Breeze? Not really, y’all. Just picture a soft and cool wind gently lifting leaves through the air on a fall day or a warm and salty seaside draft and tell me that’s not the perfect inspiration for a gentle baby name.



Another music-inspired word name for babies is Lyric. If you love the way this gentle word name sounds, you might also look to names like Harmony or Cadence for a similar appeal.



As a baby name, Atlas means “bearer of the heavens,” in reference to Greek mythology. It’s also a strong word name derived from the book of maps we once used to get from place to place — before technology stepped in, of course. Despite the name’s strength, it sounds soothing and gentle thanks to the letter A at the beginning and before the S at the end.



Technically, the spelling Brook (without an E) refers to a small stream, but Brooke is the feminine version most often used as a baby name. Either way, this word name is as gentle as the trickle of flowing water over smooth river rocks.



OK, I will give credit to Kim Kardashian here and say that before she used this as a baby name, I wouldn’t have ever taken it seriously. In reality, Saint is a super sweet and gentle word name that could work for any gender.



Yes, actual art can be loud, brash, and avant-garde, but it can also be soft, soothing, and soul-cleansing. That’s what you’re likely thinking of if you consider Art as a gentle word name for your baby.



Though the trees themselves are strong and steady, the allusion to nature that you get with this baby word name is super gentle. Plus, if you know anything about the way fresh cedar smells, that refreshing quality absolutely deserves to have a baby named after it.



This word name of Lark refers to the small songbird and is a beautiful choice for your little one. It’s as sweet-sounding as it is gentle and melodic.



It’s hard for me not to imagine a tiny little bundle of a newborn named Herb and not want to just snuggle him to pieces. Herb is one of those timeless baby names that’s mostly fallen out of fashion, but that’s also a word name that’s super sweet and soft-sounding.

So, if you’re looking for a sweet moniker for your new bundle of joy, hopefully, one of these word names for babies sparked your fancy and inspired you with their soft sounds and gentle meanings.