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Dunkin’s New Summer Menu Is Here At Last

New treats, old faves, and a sweet cold brew deal.

This Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew is slow-steeped and bursting with molasses, brown sugar, and cinnamon flavor. The velvety, refreshing brown sugar cold foam dusted with cinnamon takes it to the next level.Dunkin'
The dog days of summer call for Dunkin’s Mango Pineapple Refresher. Mango and pineapple flavors are mixed with green tea, coconut milk or lemonade (you choose) for a sweet, refreshing drink that will cool you down and perk you up.Dunkin'
Donut holes exists, so bagel holes seem like the next logical step. Stuffed with cream cheese, these Everything Bagel Bites are an on-the-go (or need breakfast on the way to camp) snack that’s back at Dunkin’ by popular demand. Dunkin'
Cake, but make it caffeinated with the new Cake Batter Latte. Here, an espresso latte walks into a party thanks to the whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and rainbow sprinkle topping.Dunkin'
Start those warm summer mornings with a Sunrise Iced Coffee. The beans are sourced from Kenya and Latin America and the flavorful coffee has hints of rich cocoa and toasted nuts.Dunkin'
Honestly where has a cornbread donut been all my life? Released in April and sticking around for summer, the sweet and savory corn-cake has a light glazed topping.Dunkin'
Released in 2021 but back for a limited time, Butter Pecan Iced Coffee is a satisfying twist on the rich ice cream flavor. Butter-roasted pecan and sweet cream meet Dunkin’s original iced coffee blend. If you’re a hot coffee person, you can add the flavoring to any drink.Dunkin'
It doesn’t get much more summery than fresh tomatoes, nut-free pesto, and of course plenty of cheese and bread. This tomato pesto grilled cheese from Dunkin’ came out earlier this year but it’s here to stay for summer.Dunkin'
Cold brew may not be new to the menu, but this price is. Now through July 19, you can snag a $3 offer on all medium cold brews at Dunkin’. And yep, this includes the new Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew.Dunkin'

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