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10 Hilarious Tweets From Dads Who Just Get The Chaos Of Parenting

These are not your ordinary dad jokes.

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We’ve all heard a groan-worthy dad joke or two in our time. These dads elevate the concept to a whole new level, digging deep to expose all that is exhausting, funny, and ultimately sort of beautiful about being a parent.

When your kid gives you a whole extra six minutes of sleep in the morning.

Kids and their ever-evolving culinary demands.

This kid is a genius.

Waiting to start the day until after lunch is an idea we can all get behind.

Alone time as a mom... the gift that keeps on giving.

He did say “sorry” after all.

The horror of endless Minecraft discussions.

How would anyone prepare for seeing their kid pee in a bathroom cabinet?

Parenting is the first step in knowing how little you actually know.

This would be a horror movie we could all relate to.

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