Child get ready for Halloween party
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15 Hilarious Tweets From Parents That Will Have You Howling

Halloween is almost upon us and parents are getting already getting into the spirit (#Pun #NotSorry) and these hilarious parenting tweets about the spooky day show what it's really like.

Thanks. We’re never going to sleep again...

The Great Candy Corn Debate rages well into adulthood. This parent is wrong, but, like, it’s their right to be wrong, we guess...

Kids out here living their best lives.

If you’re not torturing your child by singing the old school Pokémon theme song are you even a parent?

May the odds be ever in your favor, Baseball Dad.

This is varsity level parenting and we are here for it.

Wasn’t it Kennedy who said “Sometimes party loyalty asks too much”?

We stan a spicy cheese legend.

🎶 Here comes the bride/All dressed...🎶 as Captain Marvel?

We appreciate a kid who knows who they are and doesn’t apologize for it.

Don’t worry, Lisa, it still looks cute on social media. No one will know it was annoying AF.


This kid is shrewd.


#WinningParenting #WinningHalloween

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