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15 Hilarious Tweets That Show Just How Wild Life With A Toddler Can Be

We live with them, but they’re living in their own little worlds...

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Living with a toddler is an adventure. You’re like Indiana Jones and your toddler is that giant boulder that’s going to roll over you any minute. But while it can be exhausting, it can also be pretty funny. Here are some tweets to prove it.

It is common knowledge that a toddler’s most loyal accomplice is a dog.

They’re like tiny Easter Bunnies that somehow make even less sense than a bunny hiding eggs around your house.

#ToddlerCamouflage #CandySchemes

Totally and completely unrelated... make it a double.

Delta Kappa Toddler

Well how else would they know? This is important information and someone has to share it!

In either case you’ll do pretty much anything to make it stop.

Toddler parents are truly performing an important public service.

How thoughtless! How heartless! How cruel! This surely goes against the Geneva Convention!

No hitting snooze on this alarm!

This is a rookie mistake and an important lesson to learn...

You have to imagine the toddler squeaking out “Come back! I’ll never let go!” like Rose in Titanic.

You have to admire his honesty...

Caffeine is a vitamin though, right...?

Rise and shine, mommy!

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