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Parents on Twitter hilarious detail the struggle of Daylight Saving Time.
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10 Hilarious Tweets That Nail Just How Rough Daylight Saving Time Is For Parents

It’s a particular struggle parents know all too well.

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Daylight Saving Time went into effect on Sunday, Nov. 7. For parents, bedtimes, getting the kids off to school, meals... it all changed. Suddenly schedules are thrown out the window, and parents on Twitter have nailed exactly how tough it can be.

The Monday after Daylight Saving Time is unpopular with parents and kids alike.

No one is saying Satan is real... except perhaps an exhausted parent trying to get their kid out the door to school the Monday after Daylight Saving Time.

If only babies could tell time, perhaps the whole family could just sleep in for the day and enjoy some extra rest.

What do kids do with that extra hour for the day? Fight, apparently.

It isn’t just the kids who are thrown off kilter by Daylight Saving Time. If you have pets and kids... well have fun.

Can we all agree this is the longest day of the year?

Friends check in on each other, especially friends with young kids right now.

Kids are just as disoriented and confused by Daylight Saving Time as their parents, like their little jet-lagged passengers who went nowhere.

Sometimes, you just have to look on the bright side. Early bedtime if you play your cards right.

Perhaps it’s all a conspiracy against parents with young kids?

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