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14 Epic Gingerbread Houses To Inspire You

You won’t be able to look away from these stunning houses.

A far cry from your average gingerbread house, this stunning cookie creation is giving Victorian mansion vibes. Not only is the structure itself amazing, but the intricate icing detail is next level.@ellen.hanssons
There’s so much to love about this gingerbread house, from the light-filled windows, to the evergreen trees, and of course, the garage. Blogger, All Mom Does, has tips for making gingerbread house windows without a thermometer.@cz_justine
This gingerbread camper RV has so many cute details like the tree on top, the wreath and string lights, and that little flamingo. The tutorial on Sugar & Cloth is a collab with Monica from Paper Flour Ink, and it will walk you through every step of the processSugar & Cloth
This tudor style gingerbread house is amazingly detailed. It’s not easy feat to recreate this at home, but one idea you can definitely borrow is adding little wreaths and a trees to your gingerbread scene.Dorann Weber/Moment Open, Getty Images
Who can resist an A-frame gingerbread ski chalet? Brimming with cute details, you can actually peek inside the house and see a Christmas tree, stacked wood, and a roaring fire.@sarahpea26
This church-style gingerbread house is absolutely gorgeous. The piped icing details and the lit-from-within glow give this a dreamy, celestial vibe that will look stunning on a mantel or holiday tablescape.@marenbaxter
Sometimes the best holidays are spent somewhere tropical, as this fabulously detailed Christmas beach gingerbread house shows. Just look at the graham cracker sand, the tiki bar, and that wrap-around pretzel porch.@desserts_by_lauren
A fun way to take a store-bought gingerbread house kit to the next level is to decorate with colorful cereal. It adds a fun and unexpected pop of color, plus it may be more fun to munch on than licorice.Paper & Stitch
Who says a gingerbread house has to be an actual house? Instead, try a school with its uniform windows, double chimneys, and front-and-center clock. This is a fun addition if you’re making a whole village.Bengtsson, Hasse/Johner Images, Getty Images
Gingerbread can be, well, more of a building material than something tasty. If you want a holiday-themed house that looks cute and tastes good, try this funfetti cookie recipe which adds a cheerful pop of color and texture to your Christmas decor.Studio DIY
A log cabin, but make it gingerbread. This house has total winter vibes (thanks in part to those snowy evergreen tree candles). You could make this style with a classic powdery gingerbread roof and pirouette cookies for the logs.StockFood/Food collection, Getty Images
You don’t have to use red and green candy when decorating your gingerbread house. This pretty creation, with its yellow and blue details, is giving more winter vibes than Christmas, which is good if you want to keep it up in the new year.Lew Robertson/Photodisc, Getty Images
Bust out all the snacks to recreate this elaborate gingerbread house. The roof is made of Chex cereal, and the path and lower level are made using candy rocks. Gum drops line the path, and pretzel make a cute fence (and logs for the fire).Dorann Weber/Moment Open, Getty Images
This pretty gingerbread house took its inspo from a Barbie Dreamhouse. The roof is shingled with sliced almonds, and the delicate sprinkle details look like beautiful beadwork.A Cozy Kitchen

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