Eat Your Heart Out, Cupid


The Best Heart Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s going to be so jealous of your manicure.


Whether you want to go super detailed or have a simple design, there are plenty of ways to rock some hearts on your nails this Valentine’s Day. Some of these are even perfect for your littlest loves that want a special manicure.

This Valentine’s Day nail design looks like a Valentine’s card come to life. White background with falling red hearts look perfect on any nail shape, but especially a longer nail.Shutterstock
For a dark, moody nail design, try this heart manicure. You can paint your nails any dark, bold color, and then add in a light polish to paint a heart that takes up the entire nail.Shutterstock
Who says you have to go all red and pink? These heart nails are so fun and bright, mixing hot pink with mint for a really happy Valentine’s Day manicure.Shutterstock
These heart nails for Valentine’s Day are just so darling. Choose any nail shape you want with this pinky-white color, and then add a tiny red heart right down by the cuticle on each nail. Iryna Veklich/Moment/Getty Images
I just love this simple heart manicure. Clear polish and a tiny red heart design on the thumb make for a really easy and cute Valentine’s Day look. This is a great one to do with little kids who can’t sit still for detailed nail designs.knape/E+/Getty Images
This manicure is a classic French manicure with red tips instead of white, except for the ring finger, which is solid red with a tiny silver heart. You could use nail heart-shaped decals or just paint on the design for this.Shutterstock
I can’t get over how timeless and lovely this heart manicure looks. The tapered bottom of the heart goes along with the shape of the nails, and it just makes for a really gorgeous design.Shutterstock
This is such an adorable heart manicure made even more unique with the little tic-tac-toe game paint on the middle finger with hearts instead of Os. Shutterstock
These matte red nails are dramatic, but are made sweet and whimsical with the tiny heart detail on the ring finger. So classic.Shutterstock

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