Holiday Shopping

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10 Holiday Gifts & Decor To Order Now

Between shortages, shipping delays, and sell-outs, you'll want to move fast to grab these goodies.


Step One: Don’t Panic

But it does look like the supply chain could potentially affect some popular Christmas items like canned pumpkin and artificial trees. Here’s what to look for now as you plan your holiday.

Artificial Trees

Lowe’s Companies anticipates a mad dash for holiday decor, and artificial trees will be extremely popular, the company shared with Romper. In an array of sizes, and styles like natural, flocked or pre-lit, the options are tempting and sure to go fast.


Christmas Lights

Lights are also in high demand as shoppers strive to make their homes festive for the holidays, Lowe’s tells Romper. Think about how you want to decorate — Inside or outside? With white or multicolor strands? — and shop strategically.

Inflatable Decorations

A Lowe’s spokesperson expects holiday inflatables to be popular picks, too. From The Grinch to Olaf, their selection of inflatables is in the hundreds online. People are shopping, so choose fast.

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Electronic Toys

With reported shortages and anticipated sell-outs, toys are worth prioritizing. It might be smart to focus on toys with multiple electronic parts (which may be potentially more impacted by supply chain hiccups), like, say, remote-controlled vehicles.

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If you have toddlers to shop for, think about shopping for board books soon, as shortages of wood and paper are making headlines.

Board Games

When you think about a supply chain, you think about multiple production streams coming together to create a single product. And these hold-ups are likely to impact items like board games that have multiple pieces, reported Yahoo.

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Tools & Smart Devices

A Lowe’s spokesperson tells Romper there’s also anticipation around tools and smart home devices for multiple reasons, potentially for customers’ own homes or for giving to others. Either way, maybe pop that Bluetooth speaker into your cart.

Video Game Consoles

Multiple outlets like Parade reported on shortages surrounding chips, which could potentially impact the latest gaming devices. Outlets like CBS are already sharing ideas on sourcing to help consumers find them in time for the holidays.


Holiday Groceries

Supply chains slow-ups are reportedly also impacting what foods you may find at the grocery store. So if you like gifting tasty treats or making a big feast, maybe pick up ingredients like canned pumpkin or pecans as you shop in the coming weeks.