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These Are The Hottest Toys Of 2020

Grab 'em while you still can.

An animatronic Baby Yoda doll, a Baby Shark DJ, a play kitchen with Alexa capabilities... Here's what kids are coveting this year.

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Tots can cautiously zip around (at around 2 miles per hour) on their own mini motorized Vespa. It comes with training wheels to help little ones keep their balance and is available in four eye-catching hues.
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This interactive robot will keep little ones entertained with its bells and whistles. It sings the ABCs, plays music, and giggles, all while rolling around so a mobile baby or toddler can try to keep up. It even tosses its green ball, helping little ones master the art of catch.
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A few pats on the head and this ridiculously adorable animatronic The Child toy (affectionately also referred to as "Baby Yoda") coos, blinks, wiggles its ears and arms, and nods its head. When you want it to keep quiet, it obediently naps until you flip it upright to wake it up.
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Like Hasbro's animatronic The Child doll, this version from Mattel coos and moves, but it can also glide across the floor when controlled by a remote control.
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Standing babies and toddlers will immerse themselves in this marine-themed activity center that offers 360 degrees of play. This is not your average doctor's office waiting room toy.
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Little ones love Elmo, but they're not always so enthusiastic about going to bed. This plush with light-up flashlight will hopefully get young toddlers excited about bedtime. Bonus points if you pair it with matching polka dot PJs for your recipient.
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This is not a regular play kitchen. When hooked up to an Alexa-enabled device, it instructs children how to create dishes, acts as a cash register for grocery runs, and makes sizzle and pop sounds while they "cook." Of course, it's still super fun as a regular play kitchen too.
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Unlike some dollhouses, this one actually comes with furniture accessories so kids can start decorating their space right away. The garage and doors are fully functional, and the entire house folds closed (keeping all the bitty accessories within).
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This is a really fun gift for a child of any age. Kids can put it on song mode, which will allow them to recreate classic tunes or play it as a straight, oversized keyboard. There is even a recording feature to archive original tunes.
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Kids can pretend to drive and play mechanic with this wooden toy. The pedals actually depress under the pressure of small feet and the hood can be propped open and examined — that's also where a set of necessary tools to "fix" the car are stored.
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The new generation of Baby Alive dolls eat, excrete, and giggle like their predecessors, but now they grow into toddlers too. Their bodies stretch a few extra inches, their hair grows, and they say phrases like "I'm getting bigger." Baby can also be reset to its newborn stage.
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Fans of Magna-Tiles will love building and creating with these unique shapes that attach to each other using a strong magnetic bond. The pieces are flexible and durable, and children can literally create anything from baskets to airplanes to hats.
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Zoe Doll (6+)
Healthy Roots Dolls
Not only is this doll the perfect playmate size at 18 inches tall, but her gorgeous hair is made using a special technology that is more like real hair than anything else. Kids can style and wash Zoe's hair using real products without sacrificing the integrity of her curls.
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Target practice, but make it cute — and really, really safe. Here's a felt-padded archery kit is for kids who are ready to embrace their inner Katniss.
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There are nearly 100 pieces included in this chalet-themed kit. It truly gives new meaning to "the gift that keeps on giving."
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You really can't go wrong with giving an age-appropriate LEGO kit for any occasion. If your gift recipient stans all things Hogwarts, here's the latest (and biggest) big ticket item from the Harry Potter LEGO series.
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Yes, it plays the infectious "Baby Shark" song, but it also plays an alphabet tune and numbers tune, and can host a freeze game to keep little ones engaged.
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Kids are spending more time at home than usual, which means they've got more hours in the day to pick up a new hobby or two. This bracelet-making set comes stocked with 120 sparkly, puffy charms they can use to bling out a new accessory or an existing one.
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What's so special about this NERF blaster? Limited. Edition. Gold. Foam. Darts.
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