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baby yoda themed goodies is a cute May the fourth party idea

May The 4th Party Ideas For Star Wars Day

Celebrate, you will.

One of the most famous lines in Star Wars is “may the force be with you,” so it only makes sense that we celebrate the franchise on May the fourth. Whether you only like the OG trilogy or you’re a fan of it all, here are some fun Star Wars Day party ideas.

If you’re a Prime member, there’s still time for you to get a copy of the Star Wars: Galactic Baking cookbook. Celebrate the day with yummy homemade snacks like these s’mores or the Forest of Endor Log Cake. Insight Editions / Amazon
Dress up as your favorite hero (or villain, whatever you prefer) and try your best to stay in character. Chances are high you already have a lot of the pieces you’d need for a DIY costume, like these from Lovely Indeed. Lovely Indeed
For kids (or adults) who could use a little entertaining this May the fourth, download and print up this fun activity page. It includes a word search, crossword puzzle, “name that group” activity, word scramble, and cute little Yoda for coloring. fileprintboutique / Etsy
Serve up blue milk with this recipe for Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk from Creme De La Crumb. You’ll need whole milk, ice, blue fruit punch powder, vanilla, and blue food coloring. Whipped cream topping isn’t necessary (but it certainly never hurts). Westend61, Getty Images
Unfortunately, there aren’t many “May The 4th Be With You” invitations out there, but you can download a birthday party invitation like this one and make some minor edits to turn it into the perfect Star Wars day invite with all your party details. SimplyEverydayMe / Etsy
You don’t have time to get this amazing balloon arch delivered before Star Wars day, but you can use it as inspiration to make something of your own. Look for black, silver, green, and tan balloons, and bonus points if you can find a Yoda to add to the mix. CherCanDoIt / Etsy
Make a batch of some delicious Star Wars Galaxy Cupcakes with this recipe from Eats Amazing. After you’ve decorated the treats with some out-of-this-world frosting and sprinkles, add these little toppers as a finishing touch. darlingcustomprints / Etsy
The best way to celebrate May the 4th? With a screening of your favorite Star Wars movie or series. You can, of course, use your regular TV for this, but a backyard screening with a projector (and maybe a bonfire) makes it a little more special. mixetto, Getty Images
For the grown-ups celebrating Star Wars day, use this recipe for Rey and Kylo Ren lightsaber cocktails from Jamonkey. You’ll have to choose between the red lightsaber or the blue, both of which are delicious, but only one is aligned with the dark side. Alla Machutt / EyeEm, Getty Images
Pick up some inexpensive party favor bags (like these ones from Target) and purchase the download template for these Yoda and Storm Trooper gift bags. Toss a few space-themed favors in each one to send your guests home with a thank you treat. QuixxPrintables / Etsy
If you live somewhere that’s warm on May 4th, pick up a bunch of popsicles and market them to your little guests as lightsaber treats. For extra points, hang up a color chart (like this one from Vox) to help them make the best choice. Suprecha Krujaroengit / EyeEm, Getty Images

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