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16 Beautiful Patios You’ll Never Want To Leave

You don’t need a ton of space to create an inviting outdoor oasis.

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The vibrant blue outdoor umbrella in this simple yet breathtaking backyard patio is no match for the breathtaking sky on the clearest days. Lisa Romerein, Getty images
Imagine sprinkling fresh thyme or parsley on your lunch from this gorgeous Italian patio garden. Even a small slice of space can make for an inviting patio, especially with the addition of classic wrought iron furniture.Rosmarie Wirz/Moment, Getty Images
Everything in this scene — from the farmhouse to the cascading waterfall to the small koi pond, and of course, the fire pit on the stone patio — looks like the perfect place to spend a summer evening.TimAbramowitz/E+, Getty Images
This patio set-up from the luxe Bel-Air Hotel has me wanting to book a ticket to California ASAP. You could hop from the soaking pool, to the couch, then go dine at the outdoor table under a shady umbrella.Joe Schmelzer/The Image Bank Unreleased, Getty Images
Imagine having a coffee or a glass of wine on this rustic patio in Mallorca, Spain while overlooking this turquoise water and the bright green trees below.Artur Debat/Moment/Getty Images
A circular patio is a unique take on your outdoor space. It looks especially interesting when paired with a rectangular table.Shutterstock
This is where you’d want to be all summer. The outdoor fireplace and the neutral rug work to warm up (both literally and figuratively) the sleek stone on this covered patio.Shutterstock

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Take your living room outside with this gorgeous set-up. Black wicker furniture is a chic take on classic wood, and all the comfy seating options make this patio the perfect place for a party.

Brick is a classic option (though it can sometimes be slippery) and the built-in fireplace, string lights, flowering plants, and classic white Adirondack chairs all add up to a very bucolic scene.Shutterstock
This idyllic modern backyard has it all: a pool, plenty of plants, a sun deck, and a long table, perfect for serving summer meals.Paul Bradbury/OJO Images, Getty Images
A fire pit with a view? Yes please. It doesn’t get more stunning than this elevated patio that looks over a verdant hill.chandlerphoto/E+, Getty Images
This stunning scene in Sayvon, Israel is full of classic details (like the brick stone patio and plant-covered steps) plus amazing architectural features like wide arches and wrought iron balconies.Mint Images/Mint Images RF, Getty Images
This sprawling patio runs the entire length of the pool in this amazing modern house with floor to ceiling windows. You can bet the view from here is jaw-dropping.JP Delmott, Getty Images
The only thing shady about this scene is the the umbrella. This brick patio with its chic and summery wood and white furniture overlooks the ocean and beautiful trees.Beau Lark/Corbis/VCG/Corbis, Getty Images
How lovely would it be to open the doors in the living room and flow right onto the stone patio that leads into lush grass? This space is made for entertaining.Image Source, Getty Images
Columns are a cool way to transition from one outdoor space to another. One area flows seamlessly into the next in this stunning house.stevecoleimages/E+, Getty Images

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