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colorful pysanka, Ukrainian Easter eggs, decorated in the traditional way

Pysanka Photos: Beautiful Ukrainian Eggs

They are truly a work of art.

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Ukrainian eggs, also known as pysanky, are coated in wax with a kistka tool, then dyed. The wax acts as a barrier to the dye, and once the design is complete, the egg is held over a candle flame to melt the wax, revealing the bold colors and stunning patterns beneath.Shutterstock
Pysanky come in all sorts of colors including the soft pastels often associated with Easter, but also bold brights, like these purple, yellow, and bright pink eggs.Shutterstock
Here, showcases a beautiful floral design in bright springy
With these more neutral Ukrainian Easter eggs, @nataliapuzuk uses a pinkish tan color set against the white of the shell to the let the intricate design pop.@nataliapuzuk
100% of profits from these hand-painted pysanky eggs will be donated to Ukraine by Etsy seller Phoenix Unique Crafts. These lovely eggs are wooden, so they won’t break in transit.PhoenixUniqueCrafts/ Etsy
These pretty pastel Ukrainian Easter eggs, each in a single color with white designs, prove you don’t need to use a ton of colors to make a beautiful spring statement.Shutterstock
These more intricate pysanky eggs almost look like textiles. The rich colors paired with the amazingly detailed designs are sure to steal the show (sorry chocolate bunnies).Shutterstock
Pysanky writer, Andrea Kulish of Studio A, sells stunning eggs (some of which are donated from other artists) and 100% of profits go to Ukraine. It’s said that pysanky is inspired by Slavic folk art, and you can see some of that influence here.@avlstudioa
Here’s another absolutely gorgeous and modern Ukrainian egg from Like Easter and spring, Ukrainian eggs are thought to symbolize rebirth, fertility, and a celebration of
You won’t want to put away the Ukrainian Easter eggs when May rolls around, and you don’t have to. These colorful creations make beautiful year-round decor when styled in a simple bowl or vase.Darcy Vasudev / Henna Lounge, Getty Images
These Ukrainian Easter eggs from @runnerinheels8 uses a dark background to let the rich jewel-toned colors pop. @runnerinheels8

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