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The Raising Anti-Racist Kids 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

All year, you’ve been centering antiracism as a core tenet of your parenting practice. Keep up the momentum as you do your holiday shopping!

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You’ll find something for every kid’s fancy, from puzzles to dolls to superheroes, so that in 2022 you can keep giving your kids the support they need to be powerful changemakers, wherever they are.

10 Piece Wooden Block Set, Bilingual English/Spanish

This bilingual wooden blocks set from one of my favorite Black-owned kids brands is sure to help your little one with the basics of Spanish. ($52)

Yinibini Baby

"Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas" by Pamela Ehrenberg, illustrated by Anjan Sarkar

As a multi-faith family, we have quite a collection of Hanukkah books in our home. This is one of our favorites because it echoes our experience of blending cultures and practices in the most beautiful and intentional way. ($16.99)

Healthy Roots Doll: Zoe

Meet Zoe, your child’s new best friend. With a headful of luscious curls, Zoe can teach you and your little one to celebrate curly hair and love every single bouncy spiral. ($84.99)

Healthy Roots Dolls

"Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race" by Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli, illustrated by Isabel Roxas

If you’re looking for help with having those first conversations with your wee ones about race and identity, this beautiful board book will be your first companion in your family’s antiracist journey. ($14.99)
Penguin Random House

Vegetable Garden Kit

If they’re old enough to eat, they’re old enough to grow food, right? From Black-owned brand, Kids Coloring Co, this mini gardening set is sure to help your kids learn that growing food takes hard but rewarding work. ($19.99)

Kids Coloring Co

"Making Pizza With Dad" by Kids Coloring Co

My kids can’t be the only ones obsessed with pizza. Kids Coloring Co, a Black-owned kids brand, offers this delightful story about making the Italian favorite with Dad. ($2.99)
Kids Coloring Co

Kitchen Tea Set

I can’t be the only one wishing my kids’ toys would match my home decor. You won’t even mind your little ones leaving this whimsical tea set scattered around. From Black-owned kids store, Kido Chicago, this set is that chic. ($30)

Kido Chicago

Build Your Own Solar Powered Car 3D STEM Puzzle

Black superhero? Yes, please! Your STEM-obsessed kid can build a solar powered car that actually drives while getting to know the powerful and smart Captain Nosa. ($24.99)
Teni & Tayo

Organic Soy And Beeswax Crayons

These organic soy and beeswax crayons from Black-owned kids brand, Yinibini Baby, are sure to add wonder to your little one’s creativity. The bold colors will add magic to any craft time. ($14.95)

Yinibini Baby

"Last Stop On Market Street" by Matt De La Peña, illustrated by Christian Robinson

Your bookshelf is about to get more adventurous, finding delight in an everyday trip. Last Stop on Market Street is a staple in our home library. It gets better every time we read it. ($18.99)
Mahogany Books

Beautiful Faces Puzzle

Cuddle up by the fireplace. This 48-piecer is not only beautiful, it’s a great way to start conversations about identity and kids of varied backgrounds. ($17)

Kido Chicago

“Call and Response: The Story of Black Lives Matter” by Veronica Chambers

With a vivid, compelling look at the Black Lives Matter movement coupled with gripping photography, this book, though best suited for middle school readers, can be a powerful tool to spur discussions with littler ones about the power of protest. ($20.23)

“Always Anjali” by Sheetal Sheth, illustrated by Jessica Blank

This delightful story about a little girl who learns the power of her own name is so necessary for little kids with wonderfully unique names. My toddler already calls for “Anjaleee!” ($19.95)

Mango & Marigold Press

Vietnamese Pho Wooden Puzzle

From Black-owned store, Kido Chicago, comes this delightful Vietnamese Pho Wooden Puzzle that’s sure to offer fun for your little baby while teaching a thing or two about Vietnamese food. ($24)
Kido Chicago

“Hanna and the Ramadan Gift” by Qasim Rashid, illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel

Hannah and the Ramadan Gift masterfully shows Ramadan through a kid’s eyes and teaches important lessons about the power of community during that special time of year. ($17.99)

Penguin Random House

Black Boy Joy! Autographed Print by Nikkolas Smith

Nikkolas Smith is one of my favorite artists ever. His prints featuring Black kids are investment pieces for your kids that they’ll love more and more the older they get. ($120)
Nikkolas Smith

Raising Anti-Racist Kids is a column written by Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs focused on education and actionable steps for parents who are committed to raising anti-racist children and cultivating homes rooted in liberation for Black people.

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