These 'Schitt's Creek' holiday items are a must.

10 Hilarious 'Schitt's Creek' Holiday Decorations

Simply the best.

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Make your list and check it thrice.

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Schitt's Creek Sign Ornament
Derby City Press Gifts
Don’t worry, it’s not his sister. This ornament features a recreation of the iconic Welcome To Schitt’s Creek sign and will fit right in on your tree.
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This glorious, star-shaped Moira Rose tree topper is a need, not a want, for mega-fans of Schitt’s Creek. It’s battery operated and lined with silver glitter tinsel. Totally extra, just like Moira herself.
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A blown glass replica of The Rosebud Motel on my Christmas tree? Yes, please!
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This is the perfect holiday card for fans who are “trying very hard not to connect with people” à la David.
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Wish everyone on your holiday gift list ‘Warmest Regards’ and a ‘Happy Bob Cratchit Season’ with these Schitt’s Creek-inspired gift tag stickers.
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This Schitt’s Creek ornament set features two hilarious lines from David and Moira respectively: “I’m on day 2 of a panic attack,” and “I’d kill for a good coma right now.” Honestly, who doesn’t feel this way during the holidays?
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A riff off of 2020’s dumpster fire of a year, this David-centric ornament proudly announces that 2021 is “Still Schitt.” (It’s true.)
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You don’t have to actually buy anything from Rose Apothecary to wrap gifts in this Schitt’s Creek wrapping paper. Each 20-inch by 29-inch sheet of high-quality paper features hilarious lines, moments, and references from the show, perfect for fans.
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This is one holiday decor item that won’t make you say, “Ew, David.” Frame this Schitt’s Creek printable and hang it in your home or gift it to a friend who loves the show.
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4 Pack Schitt's Creek Ornaments
Tailored Gifts Your Way
What’s better than one Schitt’s Creek ornament? Four Schitt’s Creek ornaments... with iconic references to the show on them. If you’re “A Little Bit Alexis” or just love that journey, you need these ornaments.
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