Valentine's Day

11 ‘Schitt’s Creek’ V-Day Cards For Bébé

Here’s one way to give them Roses.

Show Bébé you care with these silly and witty cards featuring your favorite Schitt’s Creek inside jokes.

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With iconic outfits and hilarious one-liners it’s easy to see why Moira would love herself. Show your significant other, kid, or BFF just how much you love them with this funny Valentine’s Day card.
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If you sleep closer to the door, this is the perfect Schitt’s Creek Valentine’s Day card to give your partner (because there’s really nothing sweeter than offering to die first).
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If Valentine’s day is slightly cringe but you love it anyway, this David Rose-inspired card will sum up your feelings perfectly, because, as David says, “I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now.”
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In season four, Moira’s hilarious pronunciation of “baby” became a quotable part of the show. “I said 'bebe' as a joke or a mistake the first time,” O'Hara told Vulture. “Once I hit on 'bebe' and got a laugh from the crew, that was it.”
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Raise your hand if you cried when Patrick sang this Tina Turner song to David (my hand is very raised). This handmade card will give your partner all the feels thinking of that iconic TV moment.
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You’re never too old to pass our valentines to your friends. This set of eight individual Schitt’s Creek cards are filled with funny references to the show and of course, plenty of ‘Oh Schitt!’ puns.
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If you’re like David and you like the wine not the label, give them this funny Valentine’s Day card that’s an homage to Moira’s wine commercial. For an extra dollar, you can have it personalized and shipped to someone on your behalf.
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Yes they’re dysfunctional at times but the love between Johnny and Moira is strong. Afterall, he named a rose garden after her and she threw him a Christmas party because she knew how much he loves the holiday. Aww.
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Left Valentine’s Day to the last minute? These Schitt’s Creek digital download valentines have you covered. They all say funny quotes from the show and you can print them out at home.
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Never forget the hilarity of Moira and David trying to “fold broken cheese” into Moira’s mother’s recipe. Any fan of the show will know what an act of love it is to fold. in. the. cheese.
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Here’s another Schitt’s Creek valentine that can be sent to you or directly to its recipient with a personalized note (which is great if, like Alexis, you’re not always punctual).
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