Valentine's Day

Schitt's Creek Decorations For Valentine’s Day

Throwing a party? You’ll hopefully get a lot of promising RSVPs like this: “I would be pleased to RSVP as pending.” -Moira

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Conversation hearts may be a little bland but this banner is anything but. Each of the five felt hearts has a saying from the show ironed onto it. The banner makes super cute party decor for a Schitt’s Creek Valentine’s Day bash.
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There’s nothing “ew, David” about cupcakes. Top the treats with these cheeky Schitt’s Creek-themed signs. They’re an easy way to elevate a simple dessert, and all the iconic sayings are included.
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Turn any old bottle of wine into Herb Ertlinger with this funny adhesive wine label. And if you’re really partying, you can get three labels for $15. As Moira would say, “This wine is awful. Get me another glass.”
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You and your partner can channel Patrick and David (the sweetest couple) with this “Simply The Best” headband. If you want to get the happy tears flowing at your Schitt’s Creek party, watch the episode where Patrick serenades David with this Tina Turner hit.
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These mini signs are made of baltic birch wood and they’re the perfect Schitt’s Creek Valentine’s Day decorations to add to a charcuterie board or dessert tray. If you’re looking for a fun activity, for $24.95 you can buy an unfinished set and have a DIY paint night.
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You can’t have Schitt’s Creek Valentine’s Day decor without a set of festive balloons. The price shown is for 24 phrase and 16 confetti balloons. You’ll get Rose Apothecary balloons plus those classic lightning bolts and more.
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You may not be able to be with all your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but you can send them a Schitt’s Creek celebration box that feels like a party arrived in the mail. This one includes a banner, balloons, confetti mix, and more.
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If you’re going to go all out on Schitt’s Creek Valentine’s Day decorations, then at the very least you’ll need a shirt for the occasion. With a nod to his always funky glasses, this cute shirt is perfect whether you love or loathe the day.
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You probably remember this phrase from the first time Patrick said “I love you” to David (which David did not reciprocate). It’s the ultimate compliment that any Schitt’s Creek fan will melt for.
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