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17 Beautiful & Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Cool down with a yummy elixir, like this Champagne and popsicle combo from Freutcake.

This majestic color-changing cocktail is almost too pretty to sip. The secret is Butterfly Pea plant, which changes colors when an acidic element (like citrus) is added.Sugar & Cloth
Sure a cocktail is refreshing, but a poptail is a whole experience. These key lime mojito popsicles are made with sliced kiwi.A Cookie Named Desire

Agua fresca is basically fruit juice mixed with water and sugar, and it’s light, crisp, and perfect for a summer day. This recipe is alcohol-free though you could certainly add a splash of your favorite chilled liquor or even some bubbly prosecco.

Hummingbird High

Slightly tart but super fresh (thanks to the fresh herbs and lemon zest) this slushy cocktail is perfect for a sweltering afternoon. What Should I Make For
Peaches are such a summer fruit and so it just makes sense that they’d be delicious in a cocktail. The sweetness of the fruit pairs well with the bite of the alcohol in this peach bourbon drink, and if you have leftover fruit try grilling them for the ultimate summer meal.Brooklyn Supper
Gin & tonic is a summer classic, but you can put a twist on a classic gin drink with this cocktail that incorporates sweet honey and tart lemon.Cookie + Kate
What’s more summery than mint, lime, and watermelon combined? The mint feels cooling while the fruit is light and refreshing. This one is great with rum or it holds up as a delicious mocktail.A Classic Twist
It’s rare to see a cocktail in such a gorgeous shade of deep purple. Summery and fun, edible flowers like pansies, nasturtiums, or chamomile offer a pretty touch and subtle earthy flavor in this sparkling pomegranate cocktail. A Pretty Life In The Suburbs
Sure you could have a fruit salad, or you can shake things up (literally) and have a fruit-filled cocktail like this Pimm’s Cup. You can use cucumbers, melons, or whatever you have on hand paired with an elderflower liqueur.Half-Baked Harvest

This bubbly French 75 packs a serious punch. Gin mixes with sparkling white wine and simple syrup for a bubbly flavorful cocktail that deserves to be savoured.

Adventures In Cooking

The gorgeous margarita gets its soft blush color thanks to a splash of pink lemonade. It’s effervescent and refreshing, and the pink flower garnish is a beautiful touch.Climbing Grier Mountain
Like a summer sunrise, this tequila sunrise is vibrant and uplifting. When you mix the ingredients, the colors layer on their own, so you’ll have a restaurant-worthy cocktail that’s super simple to make.A Couple Cooks
Take your margarita to the next level by making it slushy. This recipe uses frozen pear and pear liquor for a crisp and velvety finish.Dude That Cookz
Balsamic Peach Spritz, anyone? This elegant drink gets a touch of sweetness from peach jam offset by tangy balsamic vinegar and garnished with a slice of the fruit and some basil.Half-Baked Harvest
This lavender tea lemonade will be your go-to when you want something refreshing and festive that’s alcohol-free. It has a lightly sweet and floral flavor thanks to the lavender, and you can really take this to the next level by freezing petals from the herb into ice cubes.A Pretty Life In The Suburbs
If you’ve ever wondered was rosé and bourbon would taste like together, here’s your chance to find out. This drink gets an earthy sweetness from rose syrup and a bit of crisp acidity from grapefruit.Hello Glow

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