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Super Bowl Party Ideas For The Big Game

Including a game where you have to pin a jersey on the right Kelce brother.

Whether you’re a huge Eagles/Chiefs fan or just want all the Super Bowl snacks, having a Super Bowl party is always a good time. These ideas can help you take your party to the next level without being too distracting from the game.Getty Images/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

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Have A Football Trivia Game

The Eagles are one of the oldest teams in the NFL, so test your friends’ knowledge on all things Chiefs, Eagles, and NFL with a little trivia game action.


Philly Cheesesteaks V. BBQ

Have a little eat-off with a classic food from Philly and one from Kansas City. Invite friends to bring their versions of each meal and vote on your favorites.

Football Charcuterie Board

I mean, a given, right? This is the time to cut everything into perfect football shapes. It’s just fun.

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Make Everyone Pick A Team To Root For

Look, it’s just not as fun if everyone says they just want to watch the game. Make all of your guests pick a team to root for, and assimilate accordingly.

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Pin The Jersey On The Brother

Play a fun party game with two jerseys — one for the Chiefs, one for the Eagles — and blindfolded guests have to try and put them with the right Kelce brother.

Make Your Own Football Team Cookies

Make a bunch of cookies in the shapes of helmets and jerseys and give everyone frosting, sprinkles, and colors to create their own team logo and design. (And then eat all the goodies.)



There are so many fun football-themed decorations to buy, but you can also just get crepe paper in your team’s colors and some posterboard and go to town for DIY decorations. Don’t forget football-themed paper goods.

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Play Super Bowl Squares

Download a template online and get your pots ready! Super Bowl Squares are all about luck, so they’re easy to pull together, especially if you have people who just want to watch the game without distractions.

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