Happy Valentine's Day


8 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas For Kids

From heart-shaped eggs to just adding strawberry yogurt in a cup, there’s a Valentine’s Day recipe just for your fam.


Don’t feel like you have to get too fancy for Valentine’s Day breakfast for your kids. Just try to find things where you can add in some red (like strawberries) or cut something into a heart shape and you’re golden.

Using puff pastry makes these heart-shaped strawberry cream cheese pastries an absolute cinch to pull together. The recipe is featured on Yummly and only requires seven ingredients total, so it’s perfect for a busy morning.Cooking Classy/Yummly
Get super festive on Valentine’s Day with strawberry yogurt and granola in mini parfaits. They look so pretty and are really easy to whip together.The Rebel Chick/Yummly
Look, Linzer cookies are not only heart-shaped, but they also include jam, so they’re basically a breakfast dish without meaning to be. And you can buy them pre-made!Pinkybird/E+/Getty Images
An absolute classic breakfast, this heart-shaped version of toad in a hole from Yummly also includes ham so it’s a nice, substantial and festive breakfast for kids on Valentine’s Day.Kitchen Simmer/Yummly
Cinnamon rolls feel so special, but when you make them heart-shaped and festive with a red touch like this recipe from Yummly, you really can’t go wrong for breakfast.Rasa Malaysia/Yummly
OK, another heart-shaped food, but adding in Nutella and strawberries from this featured Yummly recipe makes it feel super decadent like a perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast. Mel's Kitchen Cafe/Yummly
Take a spin on waffles with this red velvet waffle recipe featured on Yummly, featuring whipped cream topping and Valentine’s Day sprinkles for an extra festive touch.The Rebel Chick/Yummly
Valentine’s Day means lots of themed goodies, and sometimes the best option is to stop at your favorite donut place and get an order of Valentine’s Day donuts.Shutterstock

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