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Pretty Valentine's Day Drinks To Make You Swoon

Cheers to love.

Roses are red, vodka is clear? Something like that. This rose lemon spritzer from Half-Baked Harvest is almost too gorgeous to drink and it’s actually super easy to make.Half-Baked Harvest
How much cuter do strawberries look when they’re cut into little hearts? This festive Valentine’s Day drink from Five Heart Home fuses sorbet and bubbly, and it can easily be made into a mocktail if that’s more your speed.Five Heart Home
Move asides roses, edible pansies have arrived. Pomegranate juice and prosecco give this recipe by A Pretty Life In The Suburbs plenty of fizz for people who like their Valentine’s Day less pink and more goth (with a floral touch, of course).A Pretty Life In The Suburbs
If you’re really getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit, arrange the mint in this blackberry shrub cocktail to look like little green hearts. Brooklyn Supper has all the steps and the shrub will stay good for up to three weeks.Brooklyn Supper
Why give a dozen roses when you can drink them instead? Half-Baked Harvest has all the steps to make the stunning Valentine’s Day cocktail; you’ll need rose water, grapefruit juice, and fizzy ginger beer.Half-Baked Harvest
This Cupid-approved cocktail aptly called Love Potion # 9 will put a love spell on you (and it’s actually a vodka martini if you must know). Check out the recipe on A Couple Cooks, and be careful with the dry ice.A Couple Cooks
Turn up the heat (or get cozy under the blankets) and then cool off with this wine slushie from Dude That Cookz. Riesling and triple sec give this a boozy bite, but the fruit keeps it sweet.Dude That Cookz
Love is nutty and so is this delightful cocktail from My Name Is Yeh. Dried rose petals and dried strawberries give this frozen drink a festive touch, and it’s good enough to replace dessert (thanks to the sugar and rich cream).My Name Is Yeh
Gearing up for a late night? This chai espresso martini will give you plenty of energy to get freaky in the sheets. The recipe by Half-Baked Harvest calls for chai, honey, coconut milk and other surprises.Half-Baked Harvest
This cocktail from Adventures In Cooking is sure to set the mood. Gin and cucumber tastes earthy and refreshing and you’ll want to sip slowly because it’s dreamy to look at.Adventures In Cooking