Family Fun

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15 Labor Day Activities For Tons Of Family Fun

Some of the best memories can be created in your own backyard.

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Host a Cookout

You’ve got the day off, might as well throw a party. Put some hot dogs on the grill and invite the neighbors over for a potluck.

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Camp Out in the Backyard

You don’t have to go far to scratch the camping itch. Set up the tent in the backyard then count the stars with the fam.

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Find local Celebrations

Maybe there’s a local parade or orchestral performance to watch. Find out how your area is celebrating Labor Day, then join in.

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Build a Beach Bonfire

Tis the season to light up the beach. Get your permit first, then sit around the fire and tell ghost stories.

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Host a Backyard Movie

Have a projector and a large sheet? Then you’ve got all you need to host a backyard movie. BYOP (bring your own popcorn).

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Opt Outside

Lock up the screens and opt outside for a leisurely day enjoying nature with the ones you love.

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Throw an Ice Cream Social

It’s still pretty hot. Why not cool your crew down by hosting an ice cream social. Set up all the fixings outside for easy clean-up.

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Make S’mores

Whether it’s on the beach or in the backyard, a bonfire with s’mores fixings is the perfect way to sign off on Labor Day.

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Take a Nap

It’s a vacation day. Go ahead, hit the snooze button all day long.

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Go Fishing

Have a watering hole you’ve been itching to introduce the family to? Why not go fishing on Labor Day? Just don’t forget to bring your permit.

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Take a Family Bike Ride

Baby, let’s cruise is something you can not only sing but say on Labor Day weekend. Grab your helmets and head out for a two-wheeled adventure.

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Host a Family Olympics

The Olympics may have wrapped, but the games could just be beginning in your backyard. Set up egg tosses, sprinkler jumps, and dance-offs for a fun family competition.

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Do a Volunteer Cleanup

They say “do good, feel good” so why not get your good on this Labor Day by volunteering your time helping beautify your town?

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Watch a Baseball Game

Whether it’s your nephew’s Little League championship or an AA ballgame, watching baseball is a great way to spend Labor Day.

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Take a Day Trip

You don’t need a reservation to hit the open road. Pack a cooler and some snacks and head out for an adventure with the family in tow whether you’re going fruit picking or visiting farm animals.