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13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids Before Summer Ends

Let’s go!

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Hop A Train

Amtrak travels all over the country and offers a nostalgic way to see the nation. Grab a sleeper car and take your kids on a choo choo trip they’ll never forget.


Practicing selflessness can be a great part of family travel. Whether it’s volunteering with the Nature Corps by helping rebuild meadows at Sequoia or picking a place to give back via Pack for A Purpose, you can give back while on holiday.
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Head To Canada

Canada has reopened to American tourists. Now’s a great time to pack your bags and visit our neighbors to the North. Just don’t forget your passport and to follow this checklist to cross the border.

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Take A Bike Trip

Two wheeled travel can start as soon as your kids can roll with it. Pop them into a bike seat or tow and get cruisin’ on paths like the Cape Cod Rail Trail or Anacostia Riverwalk Trail in Washington D.C.

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Hit the Beach

With 12,383 miles of coastline in the United States, chances are you can get to the beach within at least a day’s drive. Set your course seaside and grab some sun and fun. BYO tent if the beach is camping-friendly.

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Camp in the Forest

It’s the ultimate all American summer time activity. If you haven’t camped with your kids yet, now’s your chance to introduce them to the great outdoors be it in the Everglades or Cascades.

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Live it up at the Lake

Lake life is all about R&R. So find the nearest large body of water and prepare to tube, paddle, and chill.

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Take A Staycation

There’s something to be said for being a tourist in your own town. Take a few days off and explore the sites that make your home special, like the Space Needle in Seattle, WA or Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC.

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Head to the Mountains

Taking in a towering mountain peak together with your family can be an awe-inspiring moment. Do it before the snow begins to fall and hiking trails close for the season.

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Visit a National Park

There are 423 National Park sites in U.S. with 63 designated parks. That’s a ton of history and culture to choose from and plenty to keep your family entertained over a weekend trip.

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Road Trip

The classic American road trip is something every family should experience. Buckle up the fam and find the weirdest roadside attractions by using the Roadside America app.

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Head to Grandma’s

To grandmother’s house we go. Make family the focus of your final summer trip by going to see the grans once more before school starts.

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Head to Disney

Disney was closed for much of the past year, but it’s now reopened with limited capacity to ensure the safety of visitors and a fun time for your family.