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Netflix is home to a bunch of specials and movies for the holiday season.

10 New Holiday Movies & Specials For Kids Coming To Netflix This Year

Pass the hot cocoa please!

by Casey Suglia
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Netflix is adding 28 new movies and specials to its library that are sure to be instant classics. Read on for a look at what kids are going to love this holiday season!

The Elf on the Shelf Presents: An Elf’s Story

After being assigned to a family with a boy who is questioning the magic of Christmas, Chippy the Elf is reminded why his job is so important. See what happens when it premieres on Nov. 1.

The Claus Family

When his grandfather gets sick, a holiday hating boy learns of his family’s magical legacy. This Dutch film premieres on Netflix on Nov. 1.

Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas

Elves and St. Bernard puppies team up to spread Christmas spirit around the world in this Elf on the Shelf special. Catch it on Netflix on Nov. 1.
the Elf on the Shelf/YouTube

Waffles + Mochi’s Holiday Feast

Waffles and Mochi are back to learn about the holidays and special holiday traditions in this super cute special that brings the titular characters all over the world. See what happens when it premieres on Nov. 23.

Robin Robin

When an egg rolls into a dump, a loving family of mice raises Robin for themselves. But after making a wish on a Christmas star, Robin ends up discovering who she really is. Robin Robin flies onto Netflix on Nov. 24.

A Boy Called Christmas

A boy named Nikolas (not Christmas) sets off to look for his father who is searching for an elf village. Nikolas soon finds out that nothing is impossible. This breathtaking film premieres on Netflix on Nov. 24.

Charlie’s Colorforms City: Snowy Stories

In a number of winter-themed episodes, meet Charlie’s new friend, a yeti, who pairs up with sweet Charlie for some very colorful adventures. See what they get into when episodes air on Nov. 30.
Netflix Jr./YouTube

A Naija Christmas

Three sons must fulfill their mother’s wish to bring home wives for Christmas, while she plans a Christmas celebration that they will never forget. See what happens when the film premieres in December.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

In this Shaun the Sheep special, Shaun’s excitement for the season turns sour when Timmy goes missing. But while on a quest to find him he learns the true meaning of Christmas. The special premieres on Dec. 3.

StarBeam: Beaming In The New Year

Zoey is training her cousin Zane to be the next super hero in the family, just in time for all of StarBeam’s greatest enemies to team up against her on New Years Eve. See what happens when it premieres on Dec. 14.
Netflix Jr./YouTube

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