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The 15 Best Dressed Parents Of The 2023 SAG Awards (& One Certified MILF)

Trains, embellishments, and one royal color ruled the red carpet.

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards is a prestigious event... and one where we can oggle pretty people in pretty outfits. This year, no one went harder than moms and dads. Here are the 15 best dressed parents of the 2023 SAG Awards.

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Niecy Nash-Betts

Bright yellow, almost chartreuse, was a popular color at the awards. They were all great, but my personal favorite was Nash’s seemingly simple but expertly detailed Vera Wang gown.

Danielle Deadwyler

Deadwyler, who was nominated for her portrayal of Mamie Till-Mobley in Till looked positively resplendent in this delicate, petal-y number. It was basically perfect.

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Will Sharpe

We’re obsessed with both the color and collar of the White Lotus star’s Ferragamo shirt. Classic, clean, but not the same-old-same-old tuxedo look.

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Angela Bassett

We’ll admit: on most people, this gown would be giving Big Bird, but the Queen Mother can do no wrong.

Jenny Slate

See, how come I don’t look this cute when my bra pops out of my dress? The bejeweled element gives this look a great pop of color, texture, and puts a creative spin on a classic silhouette.
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Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

We love the floral appliqué and the fact that his suit is low-key old timey gangster, but TBH most of the points are just going to them as a couple, because each is the other’s most stunning accessory.
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Jessica Chastain

You’d think red carpets were buffets, because this woman has been eating all season.

Amanda Seyfried

Loving Seyfried’s retro-ish Prada frock, especially the back. It’s not a train, it’s not a cape, it’s its own thing and we love it.
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Brendan Fraser

We’re a sucker for a monochrome... but we’re even more of a sucker for Fraser, whom we do not deserve.
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Colin Farrell

Is he well dressed or is he just ridiculously handsome? The only way I can tell for sure is to stare at this picture for a little bit longer...

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Claire Foy

The young queen also got the “bright yellow” memo and she rocked it with this stunning plunging gown.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis’ ability to stun in even the most simple of ensembles should be studied by science.

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Cate Blanchett

Just *chef’s kiss* no notes.

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Viola Davis

Simple. Elegant. Perfectly styled and tailored and, of course, we love the color. The whole look is fit for a woman king.

Jennifer Coolidge

She’s not actually a mom, but considering she’s the woman who popularized the term MILF (and our collective spiritual mother), she gets to be on the list...
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