'A Christmas Story' returns.
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Ralphie ls All Grown Up In The Christmas Story Sequel — See The Cast Then & Now

Oh fudge!

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The sequel to A Christmas Story is finally here! A Christmas Story Christmas on HBO Max picks up in the ‘70s, 30 years after the first film was set in the ‘40s. Ralphie comes home, and everyone is still there to greet him. Let’s see how they’ve changed!

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Ralphie in the original.

Peter Billingsley played Ralphie, the over-thinking little boy who just wanted a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, in the 1983 original movie. And he was truly the most charming kid ever.

Ralphie in the sequel.

Billingsley reprised his role as adult Ralphie, now a married dad of two trying to take the reins of Christmas after his Old Man died, in A Christmas Story Christmas. Older, wiser, but same earnest smile.

Randy in the original.

Randy (Ian Petrella) was best known as a little boy who didn’t like to eat his dinner and really loved his Christmas morning present of a zeppelin. Also he struggled putting his arms down in a snowsuit.

Randy in the sequel.

Randy is back, still played by Petrella. Whether or not he’s willing to eat his meatloaf like “Mommy’s little piggy” still remains to be seen.

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Schwartz in the original.

Schwartz (R.D. Robb) is perhaps best remembered for getting his tongue stuck on a frozen telephone pole. With any luck, he has learned his lesson as an adult.

Schwartz in the sequel.

Nope, Schwartz did not learn his lesson. In fact, he’s still getting triple-dog dared by Flick and getting into trouble. Nice to know some things don’t change.

Flick in the original.

Flick (Scott Schwartz) was full of mischief and triple-dog daring in the original movie. Plus that stocking cap was a hoot.

Flick in the sequel.

Flick is now an adult who owns his own bar, but he’s still triple-dog daring poor Schwartz. Who is still falling for it.

Scut Farkus in the original.

Who could forget Scut Farkus (Zack Ward), the neighborhood bully with yellow eyes, so help me God, yellow eyes. He was not exactly the hero of the piece, but how did he turn out as an adult?

Scut Farkus in the sequel.

Scut is back as an adult in A Christmas Story Christmas, and it looks like nothing has changed. Same raccoon hat, same jacket. Hopefully the braces have come off and he’s learned to behave himself.

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Mrs. Parker in the original.

Melinda Dillon played Ralphie’s long-suffering mom in A Christmas Story alongside Darren McGavin as his dad. McGavin has sadly passed away and Dillon has retired, but we will never forget her quiet, watchful presence. Or the way she dealt with the leg lamp. Genius.

Mrs. Parker in the sequel.

Julie Hargerty has taken on the role of Ralphie’s mom in the new movie, newly widowed and hoping her son will give her a hand making Christmas special. But she’s also happy to curl up with a glass of wine by the tree. Life has gotten easier.

You can, and should, catch up with all the characters from A Christmas Story by watching A Christmas Story Christmas, now streaming on HBO Max. If only to see Scut Farkus get his after all these years.

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